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Woh Apna Sa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Woh Apna Sa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Nisha starts getting ready as bride, she wears red saree and does heavy makeup. She smirks looking herself in mirror. Chinni is playing with Baba. Adi brings Binni, Baba says come here, lets play, Binni starts playing with Baba. Kaka says baba is so happy to see Binni. Chinni says to Binni that mama will come on 6PM, all get tensed.


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Nisha sits in car to go to Adi’s house. Kaka comes to Kaki and sees her preparing for Nisha’s welcome aarti sadly. Nisha’s car stop at a signal, Jhanvi is there on her scooty too but they dont see each other and drive away. Nisha’s car gets stuck in traffic jam while Jhanvi drives away. Adi lies Binni on bed, he asks Neha to stay with Binni, I will bring medicine.


Kaka and Kaki are waiting for Nisha outside house. Wedding band comes there and firework starts. Adi comes there too. Jhanvi comes there. Adi comes to her, they both stare at each other then look away. Adi asks what is all this? Kaka says Nisha has called all this for her welcome, Kaki says Jhanvi you here? Baba says I called her here as I was not feeling well, Kaki says you did great. Nisha’s car arrive there. Chinni screams in happiness seeing her car. Kaki says to Jhanvi that lets go inside, Adi nods at her. Nisha comes out of car and sees family going inside house with Jhanvi, she sees Adi and Jhanvi entering house together. Baba smiles seeing them enter together. Outside house, Nisha asks band people where they are going? band member says we welcomed bride(thinking Jhanvi was bride) and we are leaving now, they leave. Nisha fumes in anger. Nisha comes in house and sees Kaki with aarti plate. Nisha says I am impressed mother in law. Chinni comes there running and mistakenly strikes with aarti plate, aarti plate falls and Nisha’s saree catches fire by its diya, Nisha blows off the fire, Chinni says sorry, Nisha says its okay, Kaki says we did preparation but bad luck, they leave. Chinni hugs Nisha and asks her to come in their room. Nisha comes in house and sees Jhanvi. Nisha says to Jhanvi that your hardwork to throw me out of this house got wasted because I am Nisha and nobody can tackle me, I know everyone loves you in this house but kids are my strength as I am their mother. Jhanvi says its bad that you used your kids’ love to get back here, you are their weakness, you are so incomplete even being mother. Nisha says I am owner of this house so it doesnt matter, I will throw oldies of this house from Adi’s life, I will rule here. Jhanvi says nothing like that will happen, elders will stay here with kids, I wont let you snatch their rights, you can try anything, Nisha says enough, Nisha turns to leave but stumbles in her saree and is about to fall but Jhanvi balances her, Jhanvi says only truth wins everytime, she leaves. Nisha is left speechless.


Nisha eats food with Chinni and Binni. Chinni says Jhanvi aunty is very nice, she made us pizza burger, Nisha says now mummy is here so you dont need anything, Binni says dont leave us again, Nisha says I promise to never you leave and go from this house, others will leave now, mummy and princess will stay here always and forever, Nisha smirks.


Baba says to Jhanvi that you have taken right decision, I talked to your Maa and she is right, you have to make Adi realize his love, you have to make him meet his real personality like he was before marriage, he was so lively, Nisha has comeback so she will try to destroy Adi, she will burn peace of this house, Jhanvi says I promise to not let Nisha hurt anyone in this house. Adi comes there and looks at Jhanvi, he recalls how he requested Jhanvi to not leave him, how he got drunk and went to her, Adi puts baba’s medicine there and leaves.


Nisha calls everyone in lounge and asks how they are? Nisha says to Adi’s family that this is welcome of truth as now I dont have to pretend to be nice daughter in law and you people wont have any expectations from me, I know you people dont like me as I dont like you too, I hate you, people who hate each other then how can they live under same roof? I am giving you all three hours to pack your bags and get lost from this house, I have comeback and anything can happen, like poison in food, accident or someone can fall from stairs, anything can happen. She says hi to baba and says you must have missed me, I got to know that you have removed CCTV camera from your room, even if you place it there again then I know how to turn it off and accident can happen. Adi says dont try to threaten anyone, I am watching you, if you try to hurt anyone then you will see what I do with you.


Nisha throws money at Kaka and Kaki and says you people would need as you would have to live in rent house from now on.

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