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Woh Apna Sa 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update On lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 8th May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Woh Apna Sa 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Adi brings baba domestic, raj says its true they ended depend seeing baba’s circumstance. kaki says i will bring breakfast for him, nisha says i’m able to cope with baba. kaki says you leave it, i am here to take care of him, she leaves with neha, all go away. adi glares at nisha, he remembers how baba advised him that nisha stated such filthy words to him that he feels bare and his honor is lost, he grabs her hand and brings her to room, she throws her on ground, he comes near her and says how dare you? what did you are saying to baba? nisha says i stated not anything, adi says you said some thing to him that he couldnt undergo it, he grabs her face, nisha says stop it. adi gets sameer’s name and says what? he switches on television, reporter says that jindesh jindal turned into arrested for home violence in opposition to his daughter in regulation nisha, adi says see your act, he increases hand to slap however grabs her face and says you should be ashamed, he leaves angrily, nisha sets her hair again.


Full Details of Woh Apna Sa 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaka says to family that every one news channels are displaying same information, he receives call from society member, member asks what did baba do? dont disrespect jindal family, he ends name. kaka says people are taunting me nowadays, this is taking place due to that jhanvi, adi and nisha comes there.
Jhanvi and maa see news how baba slapped nisha, reporter says domestic violence is cheap. maa says nisha have disrespected her own family. jhanvi says adi and baba are out of prison but this is too much, i must show that nisha is inaccurate here. survi comes there and says my smartphone has trouble, its now not recording movies, jhanvi hears it and receives a few concept, she leaves in haste.


Adi asks baba to eat some thing, he shakes his head. chinni and binni comes there, baba asks them to come back close to him, chinni says baba hit mama so we wont come near you, we hate you, you aren’t good, baba says i didnt do whatever. adi says like whilst you do something incorrect and i scold you, your mama did incorrect and he scolded her. nisha comes there and says i didnt do something so dont fill my daughters in opposition to me, she says to children that baba is unwell so you should stay faraway from him, dont come to his room, play in garden, they depart. baba cries hearing all that, they hear kaka shouting and goes down.
Jhanvi comes to adi’s residence, kaka says how dare you come back right here? how dare you name police? human beings are taunting me, baba is getting more unwell, in a blink you destroyed my admire, i dont recognize why nobody forestall you from coming right here, kaki says calm down, jhanvi can in no way do it. jhanvi says i’ve come to prove that i didnt call police, i realize call become crafted from my telephone however i didnt do it, nisha did it, kaka says forestall pronouncing garbage, why would she do it? jhanvi says if i prove that nisha made that call then will you agree that she is not proper to your circle of relatives like adi says? nisha says stop putting blame on me, jhanvi says i can prove you incorrect. police’s range is one hundred that is emergency range and each name is recorded on that wide variety, i have requested police to ship that recording and then we can recognise who referred to as them, adi says jhanvi is proper, i realize commissioner, i will call him and get that recording, adi is going to name, all leave. nisha glares at jhanvi, jhanvi smirks, nisha huffs and leaves.


Nisha calls her mom and says you have to do my work, ask dad to discover a few connection in police department, adi has asked for a few recording, adi have to no longer get it. adi comes there and takes phone from her, he says i’ve already known as for that recording, sport over nisha, i will in no way forgive you for what you probably did to baba. every person will know who known as police and media after which you’ll have to tell what you said to baba to make him react like that after which even kaka wont save you, nobody goes to save you now.


Jhanvi is status lamentably outside baba’s room. kaki comes there and says thanks, kaka stated so much in opposition to you however you are nonetheless doing a lot for this circle of relatives, as soon as we get that recording then we can understand nisha’s reality and kaka’s blind faith will go away too. neha comes there and says some ngo girls have come.
NGO ladies come in adi’s residence and says to kaka that how can father in regulation boost hand on daughter in law? in which is she? nisha smirks and thinks that adi can try to trap me however no one can entice nisha. adi says to ngo women that baba is ill, kaka says this is our personal count number so you dont should get involved in it, we can clear up it. chinni whispers to adi that mama said in case you want these ladies to go away then visit room, adi nods and leaves.


Adi comes to Nisha in room, Nisha smiles evilly and says Adi i can make everything fine, I can send these NGO women away too, i will tell them that nobody slapped me, it was rumor, Adi says you wont do it without any gain. Nisha says i dont want that recording to get to house, Adi says it means you called police right? Nisha says we know truth, you save my game and I will save your family’s respect, these women wont spare Baba, they will torture him a lot and i know you cant see him going to jail, like you care for your family’s reputation in world, I care for my reputation in your family. Adi thinks and says fine, lets go, Nisha leaves.


Last Part of Woh Apna Sa 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update
Nisha comes in lounge, all NGO women are there, Nisha says to NGO women that what is this way? you people come to any house blaming them because of some rumor without any proof? Baba is like my father, he can never hurt anyone, let alone me, you have heard rumor, it was all fake, I am pleading you that nobody hit me in this house, it was all rumor so you all leave, NGO women turn to leave but Adi says stop, Adi says to women that whatever Nisha said now is all a lie, all are stunned. Nisha says what? Adi says it was all a lie, she got slapped and immediately she called police, not from her phone, using someone else’s phone to trap someone, she is doing this drama now because she is stuck, I will get that proof soon and everything will be cleared, since wedding, she just care about money and power, i gave her everything but she tried to snatch my family’s right and when I didnt let it happen, she hurt them, I am sure she must have said such bad things to Baba that he had to slap her, she is so poisonous that she can say anything rubbish, that audio clip is coming and will clear everything, I wont let trap any innocent person in her trap. Sameer comes to house and says Adi I have found recording, Jhanvi says thank God. Adi says now it will be cleared who made that call to police, Adi takes recording drive. Sameer puts in player, Nisha is tensed.


PRECAP- Jhanvi says to Adi that as many times as I go to Baba,
he just ask me to go away, I am sure something happened that is related to me, we have to bring him out of trance, I have an idea.
Nisha meets some goon and says this is very important and big work so you should do it carefully, goon says this task is very dangerous, Nisha says and you like taking dangerous tasks, make sure that whole pace gets burned down fully.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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