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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode begins with every body seeing the dance show. ishita remembers raman. dil kahin rukta nahi….plays….. ishita thinks does raman no longer consider something. all of them take a seat to dine. ruhi sees them and remembers own family dining collectively moment. ishita goes to get her. she thank you ruhi for coming. she says i m glad seeing own family collectively, come. ruhi says i don’t care. ishita says come for making investor glad. shagun gives the order. raman asks ishita is she married. ishita feels strange. she says yes. he says that’s amazing, whom did you marry. she says my husband could be very conceited, he simply fights with me. simmi asks raman to take drugs.


Ishita asks what’s those drugs. raman says i m feeling quality, leave it. simmi asks him to take it. ishita asks what are those medicines, tell me, i m a medical doctor. simmi doesn’t say. she makes the drugs fall. she picks the tablets and gives her, hiding one pill. shagun goes. ishita says i will wash palms and come, order something for me.
she stops shagun. she asks what drug treatments is simmi giving raman. shagun says raman is in melancholy, simmi is getting him handled. ishita asks why is he behaving such. parmeet stares on the secretary. he holds her hand. a man comes. parmeet sends her. he asks the person why did you come here. the man asks him to make bills on time, you took greater drugs for raman. romi comes there and says i m going for assembly. parmeet will pay the person and sends him. he calls the secretary again.


Shagun tells raman approximately the dish she ordered for him. ishita thinks adi and aaliya have some anxiety between. adi attends a call and says i will pay all the cash. aaliya asks whose call became it, inform me. adi says its due to you, human beings are calling me for cash. she says i didn’t do something. she receives irritated and goes. raman asks ishita to have food. ruhi says ishimaa its non veg, don’t eat this. ishita thank you her. raman looks on. shagun says i will order veg for her. raman asks ruhi why is she calling her ishimaa, she shouldn’t get non-public. he asks ishita now not to make investments money due to such conduct, sorry i didn’t recognise you’re vegetarian. ishita thinks ruhi calls me ishimaa, what took place to you, all people widely wide-spread raman is in melancholy, i know what to do. she messages ashok.


Ashok is going. ishita says i’m able to roam and are available till veg alternatives comes for me. simmi thinks to tell parmeet. romi comes to parmeet and asks why did you cancel customer meeting. parmeet performs sport on cellphone. parmeet says you don’t tell me what to do, i’ve controlled all commercial enterprise, show this anger to spouse, who asked for divorce and five lakhs alimony, the way to arrange cash, you will need from company price range. romi says i can handle it. parmeet says your mum’s bp is high, move and cope with her, get out. romi angrily leaves. parmeet resumes the sport. ishita gives the drug treatments and asks ashok to get it examined. ashok coughs. she asks are you okay. he says yes, i will find out. he leaves.


Adi apologizes to aaliya. ishita says we had been anticipating you. they complain to ishita. ishita laughs. she says i keep in mind myself and raman seeing you men preventing, we had been so silly, come we need you. she says we will get a collection portrait. adi says you stayed far from us, we neglected you. ishita hugs him. she says i overlooked you so much. ruhi comes. ishita asks her to come for portrait. ruhi refuses. ishita insists. ruhi says don’t force me. aaliya requests. ruhi says satisfactory, do it pleasant. ishita says you need to appearance true, come. they all pose and take a seat. the artist makes their portrait. they all don’t forget ishita. raman says who ordered for the sandwich. shagun says i will see ishita. raman says i will pass. shagun says that’s so candy. simmi receives irritated and is going. shagun says bhallas and their drama. simmi sees ishita with kids and recalls ishita’s words. she thinks she killed my daughter and is making circle of relatives portrait.


Precap: Raman feeds ishita. simmi gives medicines to raman. ishita asks it it a banned drug, what are they side outcomes. ashok tells her. she receives greatly surprised.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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