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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode begins with mrs. bhalla asking anybody to be happy that she got excellent. ishita asks her to take rest silently. mihika says yes. aaliya comes. she apologizes for her mistake. mrs. bhalla says its none’s mistake, i’ve bronchial asthma, forestall crying. raman says thank you roshni, you came on right time and stored mummy’s existence. roshni says its fate i came on time. he says no, a few human beings don’t apprehend responsibilities, if everyone emergency occurs at domestic, who could be accountable. ishita asks mrs. bhalla to relaxation. aaliya apologizes to raman. they all move. mr bhalla gives warning to mrs. bhalla to take true care of herself.


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Aaliya says i should have not gone, raman is angry. ishita asks her not to fear. aaliya asks her a way to relax raman. ishita asks her to take icecream for raman, communicate and kind it out. aaliya is going to raman. ishita sends roshni to provide chocolate sauce to raman. raman says i don’t want this. aaliya says forgive me, i realized my mistake. roshni appears on. raman says forestall it, grow up, you need to manage bahu responsibilities, please go away, i’ve an awful lot paintings. aaliya gets unhappy. roshni asks aaliya not to fear, raman will neglect it. ishita asks raman to stop this depend now. aaliya says i assume i must speak to adi. roshni says why to disturb him, he went for workplace paintings. aaliya agrees. she asks what shall i do, i need to calm raman’s anger. ishita says mrs. bhalla has forgiven her, why are you doing this. raman says you’ve got seen mummy, if anything happens to my dad and mom, i’m able to’t stay. she says they’ll continually be with us to guide us, don’t think wrong.
Aaliya talks to mani and says yes, the entirety is best right here, dadi is unwell, i m very satisfied here, i m lacking you lots, its late, sleep now. ishita hears her. she holds aaliya and says i m so happy with you to keep the problem at domestic, thanks, shall i am getting food for you. aaliya says no, raman continues to be irritated. ishita says there can be one way. she takes raman’s pc and papers, seeing him slumbering. aaliya asks does he know i’ve this laptop. ishita says no, he became worn-out and napping, its imp presentation, in case you make this, he might be glad. aaliya says i recognise this, i can make it soon, thank you.


Ishita says raman loves mummy ji loads, if whatever takes place to her, he can’t undergo it, but he will be okay, will you have got espresso. aaliya says yes, i should be unsleeping all night. ishita gets charger. adi calls aaliya. aaliya says i m busy in some work. she asks adi to sleep and speak to day after today.


Amma receives drumsticks and says you devour oily meals, you fall ill. mrs. bhalla says i m excellent. amma cries and says i can’t lose my quality friend. mrs. bhalla says prevent it, will you make me cry. amma says i can cook dinner this drumstick. she goes and comes. mrs. bhalla eats drumsticks uncooked. amma sees her and stops her. she laughs. she says i can make its soup and are available. mrs. bhalla jokes and that they chortle.


Raman asks neelu for his pc. aaliya gives the computer. raman says ishita you finished my venture. he sees aaliya. she asks him to test as soon as, forgive me. raman says i m getting late for workplace. ishita says sufficient raman, how will you believe such, she became been unsleeping all night time to make presentation, she were given up early to make your fav parathas, simply her phone was not charged, this could occur with all people. raman says its now not a small aspect, why are you taking aaliya’s facet. ishita and raman argue. he asks neela for car keys. neelu says motive force took the keys. he says tell papa i m taking his vehicle.


Mr. Bhalla assures the man about the contract. the man says there are right tenders. mr. bhalla shows to present agreement to sukhdev. appa says no, display me shekhrand’s document, his smooth quotation is much less, why sukhdev. the person asks them to determine and tell day after today. mr. bhalla and appa assume what befell to them.


Raman stops car at the checkpost. constable says open the dicky for dishonest. raman asks him to rush up. constable shows the medicine packet. inspector asks raman to come out, do you realize what’s this, you have illegal capsules, you’re below arrest. raman receives shocked.


Last Part of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishita involves mrs. bhalla and asks why are you no longer resting, have drug treatments. she feeds drug treatments. mrs. bhalla says i will now not consume daal khichdi today. ishita asks her to have soup first, then i will make some thing you are saying. mrs. bhalla asks what’s the problem, you probably did not argue, did you fight with raman. aaliya comes. mrs. bhalla says i m your mum, tell me, you had combat with raman. ishita nods. mrs. bhalla say his anger, he’ll come and persuade you, in which is he. inspector scolds raman. raman says trust me, i don’t recognize about pills, take my blood check, i don’t take drugs. inspector says you realize pills business has an awful lot money. raman says i don’t do all this, its no longer my car, my car went to storage, so i got this automobile. inspector asks who else uses this car. raman thinks how to tell its my dad’s vehicle, and the day before today…..


Precap: Raman asks mihika to just pay attention to her, in which are mummy and ishita, i m stuck in a trouble, the car had pills, discover who took the auto, ask romi to touch legal professional and arrange bail, i’m able to’t touch again, police has seizes the whole thing.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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