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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2017 Written Episode Updates.


This episode starts offevolved with roshni saying i will manage, it’ll get excellent. ishita asks her to let her do useful resource. amma and mrs. bhalla come and apologize for his or her mistake, as neelu delivered that chemical by using mistake on their pronouncing. adi asks when will haldi begin. ishita asks him did he express regret to roshni. he asks why shall i apologize, i did not recognise why she did that, anybody is waiting, come. she says all people will wait until you make an apology to roshni. roshni says no, we shall cross, adi is right. ishita says i m speakme to my son. mrs. bhalla asks adi to apologize. adi says quality, i m sorry, just come soon. ishita asks roshni to take rest nicely, and teaches her to talk in hindi, as she remains right here.


Full Details of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Neelu comes. mrs. bhalla says we’ve got were given our specifications now. roshni says i want to drink water. ishita corrects her to mention in hindi well, and smiles. mani asks aaliya why is she no longer equipped for haldi. aaliya asks for shagun. shagun comes home. she asks aaliya why is she no longer prepared, so sorry, i will help you, i’ve a surprise for you. she suggests the kalirey. aaliya smiles and asks how did you manipulate. shagun says i went to khandpur and were given this kalirey. mani asks did you move there. shagun says sure, my daughter asked for some thing for the first time. mani says you did a lot for aaliya, you are the great. aaliya hugs shagun and says this kalirey is valuable for me, even my own mum could have now not performed this, i really like you. shagun says i really like you too. mani asks shagun to make aaliya geared up speedy. shagun asks mani to look guests. shagun says god is aware of what changed into gagan pronouncing, how will i tell mani, if he tells ishita then, extra troubles, i should not do something, as soon as adi and aaliya get married, then i can see.
Adi’s haldi goes on. ishita asks mihika to document well, they’ve to reveal raman. amma asks adi to take bath, then his pores and skin will glow. adi says i’m able to move and take bath myself. romi tears his kurta saying its ritual. ishita asks mihika to take some haldi from adi’s face and send to aaliya. she asks neelu to prepare haldi plate. she sees roshni preparing haldi plate and asks what’s this. roshni says its already late, aaliya can be waiting, so i’ve organized the whole thing, are you indignant with me. ishita says no, you spoke properly, its a pleasing try, i m clearly proud of you, whilst you look at ias, you will do nicely, you are proficient and sharp minded. adi says ishita is favoring her a lot. romi says i can kick her out of her life and residence.


Shagun gets irritated and says mani isn’t always noticing me. she stops him and asks him to notice him. he says its imp phone name. name ends. mani says i m calling aaliya’s dadi. she says maybe she is resting or went temple. he says he has to return right here for marriage. she asks will she come right here. he says of course, she is aaliya’s dadi, its imp for her. she says all features may be in punjabi style, she can be disenchanted, ishita and that i already fought, we have many issues, i won’t be capable of do anything in keeping with me. he says we will control, if she does not come, aaliya will feel awful. she says i’m able to manipulate aaliya. he says we are able to discuss later, simply get aaliya out, you’re looking stunning. she smiles. he is going. shagun says now dadi goes to return too.


Adi asks ruhi why can’t you make aaliya’s haldi video, i need to see aaliya. ruhi says its depend of someday now, then she will be with you. mihika says after some days, he’ll request us to take aaliya away, men don’t value some thing once they get it. ruhi says proper. adi says simply make video, take whatever. ruhi asks for lovely lahenga. ishita asks them no longer to trouble adi, i will make video. adi says thanks, i really like you ishi maa. he turns and sees roshni. he scolds her for impressing ishi maa.


Roshni says i will go away from here after you get married, why will i galvanize ishita, i m now not troubling all of us, mrs. bhalla has sent these gifts for you, i just got here to hold this. she is going. shagun receives aaliya for haldi and asks visitors to not follow haldi on face. ruhi takes selfie with aaliya. ishita asks lets start and applies haldi to her. shagun asks ishita not to apply on face, bridal facial effect can go away. ishita says this haldi is made at home, roshni has grinded this at domestic, and introduced malai and rose water, its high-quality for aaliya, that is removed from adi’s face. she applies haldi to aaliya’s face. shagun asks them to apply less. ishita asks mihika and others to apply extra haldi to aaliya. shagun symptoms mani. mani signs her to permit it go. shagun sends aaliya to take tub. she shows the kalirey she were given for aaliya.


Ishita says roshni might have advised you proper place to get kalirey. shagun asks why, is there any problem in this. ishita says i did now not mean it. mihika says i suppose we need to cross. they depart. mani asks shagun why did you now not tell ishita that you acquire kalirey from where roshni stated. shagun asks why shall i say, ishita usually does this, you’re calling dadi now, she can additionally intervene much, i will no longer attend this marriage. aaliya shouts to shagun. shagun and mani go to her. aaliya says my skin… shagun asks is there a rash, i instructed ishita not to use on face, we are able to go to pores and skin professional, pop out.


Last Part of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Aaliya comes and says pores and skin got so gentle, i m feeling clean. mani says i m glad you are quality and goes. aaliya says the whole lot is going on nicely, i wish mani receives dadi quickly. shagun asks her to move and have food. shagun says ishita is absolutely getting on my nerves.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Adi says papa, aaliya needs me to make a dish for her, i’m able to’t take anyone’s help, i want to make aaliya satisfied. raman says madrasi ladies are mad. adi says i apprehend, i idea to make bengali meals for her. raman says she can sink you in sea. adi says rajasthani. raman says assume greater.


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