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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


This episode starts with mrs. bhalla blessing aaliya. mani receives a call and tells shagun that he has to go for imp work. he goes. amma and appa bless aaliya. mrs. bhalla says toe earrings come from bua, but shagun, aaliya has no bua. mihika says mani is like my brother, so i m like her bua, i got toe jewelry for her. mrs. bhalla asks who will do mama’s rasam, mani is her mama, however he is her dad now. bala says if mihika may be bua, why can’t i be mama. he does the rasam. ruhi comes and acts to command aaliya, showing nanand’s drama. pihu says you act so terrible. ruhi laughs and welcomes aaliya in bhalla family. she says i were given some thing for you, and indicates the rings. she says its now not everyday earrings, i used to get scared to get ear piercing.


Full Details of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Adi took me and made me sit down in his lap, then i got my ears pierced, that is my fav rings, adi is very satisfactory, he loves me loads, i additionally love her, i m very happy that he got someone loving. she hugs aaliya. raman gets a call and goes. ruhi says aaliya, how shall i say, i m sorry, i misbehaved with adi, i promise subsequent time this received’t show up. aaliya says its k. ruhi gives her rings. she says i don’t realize i will come up with a larger present than this. aaliya says its lovely and hugs her. pihu also hugs them. the person covers his face and looks from some distance. he sees aaliya.
Mrs. bhalla says its suitable puja got over, we must repair sangeet and mehendi things. ruhi says sangeet will be grand, we are able to have difficult opposition, we are able to see antique aged or youngsters. shagun says we are able to win. ishita says who can fail us. pihu says you did now not see our group, we are able to win. romi gets adi’s name and offers telephone to aaliya. aaliya goes to talk.


The person sees her and goes to her. she asks who’re you. he asks her to listen. she shouts amma and pushes him. anyone come. the person leaves. aaliya says that man came once more, he has touched me again. raman asks romi to inform watchman to prevent it. the man runs. watchman catches him. romi and bala beat him. raman stops romi and sees the person. he asks what are you doing right here.


Ishita asks do you know him. romi says he’s our office shield. raman recalls and says so that you had been asking approximately aaliya. ishita says call police. raman says what is going to police do, we will beat him. ishita says see he is walking away. the man receives interior a van and goes. she looks on and thinks his beard is fake. she choices something and says why did he had this mangalsutra. raman says he has run away. ruhi indicates them adi. adi receives down the automobile and says marvel. he asks what occurred, you all don’t look happy. ishita say every body is amazed. he says i used to be lacking you all and got here to satisfy you all. romi says we understand why you got here, aaliya’s love were given you here.


Ishita asks raman to go and inform police. she says ruhi and i will see puja arrangements. raman says take adi domestic, i’m able to simply come. shagun says why is that this guy after you. ishita comes and says don’t get afraid, we all are with you, raman went to police station, make mood ordinary. adi is coming, undertaking is imp for him, if he receives concerned, he gained’t move returned. aaliya says i can hide it from adi, don’t worry. adi comes and says wonder, what passed off, you all don’t appearance glad. they all say they’re satisfied.


Ruhi asks about task. adi says its going to complete soon. ishita thinks to tell raman about the person. she is going to raman and talks. he says i spoke to inspector, that guy may be stuck. ruhi comes and asks did i disturb you. raman says never. ruhi says i used to be thinking we do special aspect in adi and aaliya’s shagun. raman says all people’s temper gets higher, discuss with ishita. he goes. ruhi says we are able to do something special. we will make av presentation for adi and aaliya, their life journey, how they met and their love. ishita says its a heartwarming idea, inform me what can i do. ruhi says i need all of the pics, and yours additionally. ishita asks why. ruhi says your snap shots have to be there in adi’s life journey.


Ishita says i have all the snap shots, its with amma. ruhi reminds how rude raman was once before, we will play images in sangeet. ishita asks her to position mani’s photographs as nicely. ruhi says aaliya’s mother and father could be there too, did you meet them. ishita says i have met akka, now not her husband. ruhi says i did not see aaliya’s dad and mom’ %. ishita says mani is plenty defensive, he does not want aaliya to peer pix, and get any questions in thoughts, i’m able to check adi’s images. she gives the album to ruhi. she says we can get more photos from amma. raman comes and asks wherein are they going. ruhi says at amma’s house, we’re going to get antique photos. he asks her to leave vintage mumma here. ishita and ruhi shaggy dog story and ask him to relaxation. raman smiles. they cross.


Amma gives the old snap shots and asks do you want some thing. ruhi says no, we will set up everything. ishita says wow, amma has properly collection. they snigger seeing ishita’s old %. ishita says amma got my image clicked at my health facility. they see ruhi and adi’s p.c. they speak. ishita says you were cute, and you are still cute, it become love in the beginning sight for me once I saw you. they see raman and mani’s pictures. ruhi laughs seeing mani. ishita says girls used to call him kamal haasan, the women concept he’s my brother and did friendship with me to get near him. she indicates aaliya’s mum p.c. she sees a picture and gets dissatisfied. ruhi asks what befell. ishita says not anything, just see what you need, set up the other things. she takes the percent and is going. ruhi says what took place to her, what did she see.


Last Part of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishita is going and wakes up raman. she says i want you, include me, its very imp. he receives frustrated and asks do we run away now. she asks him to return. ruhi shows mani’s percent to adi and says guess who, he’s your sasur ji, kamal haasan. they laugh seeing percent. adi says i’m able to send to aaliya. he sends % to aaliya and calls her. he tells her about mani’s p.c. she checks and laughs. he says someone got here at night time, i can call you back. he says i can hold. ishita says i should ask you some thing mani. mani asks her what is it. adi asks what, ishi maa and papa came there. ruhi says ishita said she is going to sleep. he asks is there something. she says don’t recognise what happened to her, her mood were given horrific seeing a picture, she commenced behaving weird, some thing can be there in that photo. he says we are able to cross and spot as soon as. ishita asks wherein is aaliya’s appa. all of them get greatly surprised.


Precap of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Mani asks what’s incorrect with you, you suspect i m lying. ishita says there is some thing you aren’t announcing, see this photo and inform me who all are present in it, i did now not show this to everybody, i want you to peer it and inform me.


Update Credit To: Aditiya

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