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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts offevolved with mani saying you know aaliya’s parents died in coincidence. i don’t like discussing it. she asks are you positive, aaliya’s dad died. he asks do you suspect i m lying. she says you aren’t pronouncing me, take a look at this photograph and tell me who are found in it, i did no longer show this image to everybody. he asks what do you suggest, i recognize the whole thing. she asks him to say. raman asks mani to clear ishita’s doubt. aaliya asks what are you hiding. ishita says you’ll know it on seeing this photograph, mani please tell me, who are there in that image. raman assessments photograph and says its him, whom i gave job in my office. ishita says the person who attacked aaliya. aaliya tests picture. ishita asks mani to tell the truth.


Full Details of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Aaliya asks who’s he. ishita says he is your dad. aaliya cries. adi and ruhicome there. they all get stunned. ishita asks mani to mention now. mani says i don’t recognise, i just recognize aaliya’s mother and father are dead, i m her dad. raman says perhaps ishita is incorrect. ishita asks mani to swear on aaliya and say her dad died. mani asks them to leave. shagun asks mani now not to hide some thing, we lost our baby when you have hidden something earlier than. ishita asks is aaliya’s dad alive. all of them ask him to mention. mani cries and shouts yes, he’s alive.
Mani says this man is aaliya’s dad. aaliya says you lied to me. mani asks are you glad now. ishita says i got to recognize after seeing %, we’ve proper to know, the person attacked aaliya. mani says yes i lied, this guy is a murderer, he does no longer should be called a father, he killed my sister, it become now not any coincidence, abhay couldn’t maintain my sister glad, she continually used to live happy, she did not show there’s problem in her life. all of them get stunned. mani asks them to peer percent, my sister appears satisfied in p.c, abhay used to stay away for months, every so often my sister used to go together with him, she used to go away aaliya with me and mum, then abhay’s fact came out, he turned into a drunkard and beat akka, then that night time came while he came domestic drunk, akka scolded him, they’d a combat, he driven akka, she got head damage and died. he cries.


He says abhay’s mum did now not assist him, she gave aaliya to understand, in order that she does not know she is a crook’s daughter. ishita says abhay had this mangalsutra in his hand, if he came lower back with this, it approach he had love in his heart for akka, perhaps he modified. mani says no, he can’t change, he snatched my sister, he can’t grab my daughter, please pass from here. he cries and is going to room. raman asks ishita to come, adi and ruhi you also come along. ishita asks shagun to take care of aaliya.


Ishita says i’m able to’t accept as true with, mani has hidden such huge thing from aaliya, she believed mani as her dad understanding her mother and father are useless, aaliya’s response turned into bizarre, why did she no longer try to recognise approximately her dad. raman says maybe i’d have accomplished the identical. ishita says maybe abhay found out his mistake, he would repent, its 21 years now, he is trying to meet his daughter, he merits to satisfy aaliya. raman says sorry, i don’t suppose so. adi asks ishita to ask aaliya, it might be surprising for her.


Adi receives gagan’s call. gagan says sorry to name you at night. adi asks what’s it. gagan says its baisakhi festival and chandan’s tilak the following day, it would be correct if we get depart tomorrow. adi says its now not feasible, cut-off date is close. gagan says manufacturing facility work goes on at night time to finish work on time, we need you to come back and attend the tilak, the wedding is taking place well because of you. adi says don’t worry, i can come. ishita asks can’t you stay again for in the future. mrs. bhalla says yes. raman says permit him cross, paintings is likewise imp, we will provide meals to all residence helps, guards, servants and bad humans.


Its morning, every body put together the meals. mihika asks neela to go and have meals. mrs. bhalla says no, she is part of family, she can dine with us. she says ishita got gift for you. neela likes the gold earrings. mrs. bhalla asks her not to cry. amma asks ruhi is adi going again. ruhi says adi went early morning. abhay comes there, masking himself with a scarf. raman and ishita serve the bad. abhay hears appa and mr. bhalla speakme. he hears about aaliya and mani. appa says they did now not come, they’ll come later. abhay starts leaving. ishita says you did not have meals, who’re you. she sees abhay and says you…..


She asks what are you doing here. he says i request you, don’t inform anyone, i simply came to fulfill my daughter, i m aaliya’s dad. she says i recognize your whole story, it will be higher you move. he says i m no longer fearful of going jail, i need to satisfy aaliya, concentrate to my story after which decide. she consents and goes to speak to him. she says nobody will are available society office, tell me. he says i m no longer a bad guy, i loved my spouse, we have been glad when aaliya came in our existence, it become ideal own family, i used to drink lots, my work turned into going appropriate, i flowed in success, aaliya likes purple roses, she used to get glad seeing red roses, we made crimson roses garden for her, so i left pink rose for her that day, don’t understand whose awful sight caught us, i misplaced my military task, i commenced staying disturbed and commenced consuming loads, malini and i used to combat lots, she become a lot angry and become leaving domestic with aaliya, i used to be stopping her, she were given a push and she or he…. she says her head struck the floor, mani informed me. he says it became an twist of fate, wine snatched the whole lot from me, i were given freed from prison by using exact behavior, i got to realize aaliya is getting married and got here to fulfill her. she asks why did you get akka’s mangalsutra. he says i need to present it to aaliya and bless her, i understand your son is marrying aaliya, just make me meet her once.


Last Part of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Adi receives the lahenga for chandan’s wife. gagan says she might be happy seeing this, are available in tilak, anyone may be glad. adi says yes but… gagan insists. adi says great, i’m able to come, we are able to see the paintings. ishita gets abhay. shagun receives greatly surprised.

Precap: Shagun asks ishita to take abhay and leave, mani is disappointed. ishita says aaliya is his daughter, she has proper to decide. she calls aaliya there.


Update Credit To: Aditiya

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