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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with shagun calling out mani. mani sees ishita getting abhay home. he gets angry. ishita says mani please manage your self, i heard him, he did no longer kill malini. mani says you can come in his phrases, i received’t trust him. abhay says i have endure lots punishment till now. mani scolds him. ishita asks him to allow him meet aaliya once. shagun says mani misplaced his sister, why are you pressurizing him, take him and go away. ishita says aaliya is abhay’s daughter, its her proper to decide, come aaliya. aaliya comes there. ishita says you’ve got blood relations, you understand he is your dad, he regrets on the past, do you want to forgive him and provide a chance, your selection might be observed. aaliya says no, i don’t know him. mani gets relieved. aaliya says mani is my appa, abhay isn’t my appa, i don’t want every person in my existence.


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Abhay thanks mani for giving tons love and care to aaliya, that she calls him appa now. he says i did no longer come to problem you, i will move faraway from your existence. he leaves. aaliya cries and hugs mani. adi attends chandan’s tilak rituals. adi congratulates chandan. gagan thanks adi for coming inside the characteristic. adi says i m satisfied roshni preferred the lahenga. they all dance. ashok come there and appears on. he thinks i won’t lose so easily and goes to adi’s manufacturing unit.


He says aditya bhalla, i’m able to see how your task completes. he says if power does no longer come in your manufacturing unit, how are you going to complete paintings, this is khandpur, restore will take 2-three days, i will see the way you supply shipping on time. he cuts the energy.


Its morning, gagan gives candies to adi. adi asks him to visit attend marriage. gagan says sure, are available feature, workers will entire paintings on time. adi feeds him chocolates and asks him now not to fear for manufacturing facility. gagan leaves. adi smiles and says thank god, the whole lot might be great these days, i can reach home.


Ishita and everybody see mehendi designs for aaliya. ruhi asks about groom applying shagun mehendi. mihika asks her to select layout for adi. raman says ishita, say something, they may make your son as bahu. adi ask why is mild no longer coming in our manufacturing unit. the worker says trouble is right here, see. adi sees the wires reduce. the employee says i think someone did this. some other worker says i known as electrician, the whole thing may be first-class.


Mr. bhalla receives candies samples. raman asks ishita to speak to adi. electrician comes. adi asks him to fix it rapid. ishita calls adi. adi is going to attend call. she asks did you speak to aaliya. he says yes, she sounded upset. she asks did she inform approximately abhay. he says no, i’m able to talk later. he ends the call. electrician says all wires want repairing, you have to name large mechanic, i’m able to’t try this. adi asks what do you imply, we need to deliver things today, is there no electrician here. electrician says chandan can do this, he knows the whole thing. adi asks them to name chandan. the worker says how can we name chandan, its his marriage today.


Raman asks approximately adi. ishita says he is best, i m involved for aaliya. he says she selected mani herself. she says sure, however abhay is her dad, adi can give an explanation for her. aaliya calls adi. he does no longer answer. adi meets chandan. chandan says i can’t come, its my marriage, it’ll be abshagun if i exit today. adi asks him to just repair meter, this rituals manifest in our family also, there received’t be abshagun, please come, i will pay any quantity, just help me. chandan asks virtually. adi asks him to mention cash. chandan asks him to give him some thing else than money. adi asks him what does he need.


Chandan says roshni wants to cross on honeymoon. adi says simply this small component, inform me where do you need to move, i will book tickets. chandan says no, i don’t have any passport, roshni wants to go vaishnodevi. adi says satisfactory, i’m able to book your tickets and live in 5 famous person hotel. chandan says now i will restoration meter, i’m able to come by way of returned door, if anyone sees me, they received’t permit me come. adi asks him to return. he leaves. chandan says i’m able to pass vaishnodevi now. chandan goes to check the meter. adi gets the call and says there’s no hassle here. the client says i got a call and someone told me approximately the problem in factory. adi gets taken aback seeing ashok and says many humans don’t have paintings and damage other’s work, the entirety is underneath manage, you may get delivery on time. the client says first-rate, i gained’t provide greater time to complete order. adi says yes, shipping can be on time. ashok smiles.


Ashok and adi argue. adi says you’ve got reduce wires. ashok says perhaps, you said you may slap me, i taught lesson to raman also. adi holds his collar and scolds him. adi says raman has made you chew dust constantly, i received’t allow your plan get successful. ashok asks him to complete order first. adi says i’m able to whole order, if i am getting a evidence against you, i can blacken your face and make you sit down on donkey to make you roam in khandpur, will you go away or get a slap. ashok thinks how did adi get confident, i m certain chandan promised him that he’s going to restore wiring, i’m able to see how paintings completes. he is going.

Precap: Ashok stops chandan. adi switches on strength. chandan gets electrocuted. adi runs to him. chandan falls down.


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