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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with adi asking chandan to rush up. chandan says its not smooth, it will take 2-three hours, you all cross and feature food. adi sends the workers. chandan asks adi to go, else he can’t paintings in hurry, its my marriage and that i also need to quit this and pass home rapid. adi says sorry, i m helpless, you’ll be thinking i m egocentric. chandan says no, i m doing this for myself, roshni could be glad after I tell her approximately honeymoon. adi sees aaliya’s overlooked calls. he calls her. she says i miss you loads, simply quit the paintings and are available lower back soon, why is this happening in my life right now. he says you understand how a great deal strain i have now. she says i realize, i m sorry, whole the venture and come back to me soon. she ends name. she sees abhay and asks driving force to stop automobile. a man asks abhay to depart. abhay asks the person to offer him any task, deliver me less income. the person says i can’t hold any crook, just leave from here. aaliya cries hearing them.
gagan goes to chandan’s room and knocks. he asks chandan to get sehra tied. adi asks chandan will the problem get fixed. chandan says yes, i m in hurry, my own family may be ready with sehra. gagan and anybody does no longer find chandan in room and search for him.


Full Details of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shagun and ishita talk to aaliya about abhay. aaliya says he changed into in prison till now. ishita asks her to say overtly what she wants to say. aaliya says i m feeling awful for him. mani asks why are you feeling terrible, you took your stand. he asks ishita why does she want aaliya to forgive her assassin father, stop it now. aaliya asks them to forestall arguing and goes.


Adi says how plenty time will it take, people are waiting. chandan says its accomplished, i can supply strength supply, just rotate this lever, simply be cautious, when I wave hand, rotate this lever, no longer earlier than that. adi says fine and waits. ashok seems on. adi says chandan, your kangana fell. chandan says its abshagun, you tie this, my mum will fear. adi ties the kangana fabric to him. chandan goes. adi gets a name. aaliya says adi i leave out you, i wish you were right here with me. adi says i m in manufacturing facility, why are you crying. chandan says i’m able to wave in 2-3 mins, rotate lever that time. adi says excellent.


Adi asks aaliya to stop crying. aaliya says i recognize my dad has carried out wrong, he did not do proper with my mum, however he found out his mistake i sense awful with him. chandan says this is the remaining twine now. ashok wears the gloves and catches chandan. chandan tries to signal adi for assist. adi thinks chandan is waving him. he switches at the strength. chandan gets electrocuted. ashok falls down being in contact with chandan. adi runs to peer chandan. ashok sees adi coming and hides. adi receives stunned seeing chandan lying lifeless. he shouts chandan, get up, its your marriage today.


Ashok says chandan is no extra, adi you killed him. gagan says where did chandan go. ashok is going to fulfill gagan. he asks what took place. gagan says we are finding chandan. ashok says name him or adi, i have visible them going to manufacturing unit. the person says yes, adi took him to repair wires. gagan asks but why, adi knows its chandan’s marriage nowadays. they all go to manufacturing facility.


Amma receives pandit to mani’s house to reveal adi and aaliya’s kundlis once. mani says you probably did right, now aaliya’s real dad has come, many things changed. shagun asks them to come and take a seat. aaliya greets pandit. pandit tells them approximately adi falling in trouble. shagun asks what problem. ishita says he’s pronouncing, adi’s spouse will manage trouble. mani says we are glad that aaliya goes in an amazing residence. adi and aaliya are best for every different. ishita issues.


Adi asks medical doctor to test chandan and make him quality, he was checking wires, don’t understand what befell. health practitioner tests chandan. adi asks shall i name ambulance. doctor says sorry, he died. adi says what, he died, all and sundry said he is professional in this electric work. he asks chandan to get up, its marriage nowadays. he asks medical doctor to make chandan first-class, take any amount, please every body is waiting for his marriage. health practitioner says manage yourself, it was an coincidence.


Adi says i don’t realize, he requested me to begin lever whilst he waved hand, i did that seeing him. doctor says maybe he waved hand for some thing else, don’t blame your self. gagan and all people come there. doctor asks adi to run away. adi says no, i can’t move. doctor says they gained’t depart you alive. adi says no, not anything will appear to me. adi runs to gagan and villagers. gagan says you recognize its chandan’s marriage, why did you call him to manufacturing facility, in which is he, name him. ashok says wait, i can cross and spot.


Last Part of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Adi panics. ashok is going and sees chandan. he comes out and acts. he says gagan, your brother chandan is dead. gagan and anybody get bowled over. gagan receives irritated and sees adi. medical doctor says wait, i’m able to say what happened. ashok smiles. adi cries. gagan shouts chandan and cries taking him in lap. gagan asks what took place to him. adi says i don’t understand, i did now not do that purposely, he became repairing wires, he asked me to on lever while he waves hand, i’ve just accomplished that seeing his hand. gagan says you killed my brother. i’m able to now not depart you alive. he hugs chandan and cries.
Precap: Raman says you just stated aaliya will save adi, so he’s secure. ishita says pandit stated a hassle will come on adi. adi hides and sits scared. a person enters the residence.


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