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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


This episode begins with adi speaking to raman. raman asks wherein are you, we’re concerned for you. adi says i m near khandpur. raman says we got here there yesterday, factory employee stated you left for delhi. adi says sure, but i stayed in hotel at night time as i was feeling tired. ishita says you ought to have instructed me. adi says yes, how are you . raman says we reached domestic. ishita asks while are you coming. gagan offers phone to adi. adi says i ought to go back to khandpur for work, i could be getting married quickly, i can come. raman asks him to come soon. adi ends call and asks roshni did she pay attention it, my fiancee is expecting me there, i don’t accept as true with this fake marriage, this became forced on me via blackmailing, i will’t be stuck in this faux relation, damage this marriage, i will see what they do. she asks him to pay attention. he shouts close up, don’t strive to speak to me.


Full Details of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishita says ruhi and adi are so busy in work, they’re now not coming home. raman says wait, i did not go away office and got here here for any ghagra dialogue. shagun says its bridal dress discussion, it have to be vital, i got this as i liked it, it does no longer rely you buy it or i did. ishita asks aaliya did you want it. aaliya says i cherished it. shagun indicates them the get dressed. all of them adore it. ishita says its very beautiful, is that this no longer much heavy. shagun says its bridal dress, while aaliya attempted this in trial room, we have been simply seeing her.


Ishita says lahenga comes from groom’s facet, so we can do its fee. shagun says we are able to do it half, its now not lots costly, the dressmaker gave me cut price, its simply 2.five lakhs. ishita says its best, but we will pay for it, we wanted aaliya’s get dressed to head from our residence. aaliya smiles.


Mihika and ruhi come home. they like the lahenga. shagun tells approximately dressmaker. ruhi says aaliya, when adi sees you in this, he received’t be concentrate on pheras. they snigger. mrs. bhalla asks them to have food and go. ruhi asks adi to hold this, i can click on p.c to adi. aaliya says no, its a marvel. ishita says adi will now not awareness on paintings if he sees aaliya’s %, permit or not it’s a marvel.


Adi does useful resource to his wounds. roshni comes from tub and dries hair. he receives angry seeing the sindoor in her maang. gagan comes there. he asks adi to accept destiny and bride soon, it is going to be properly for him. he stops adi and asks wherein are you going. adi says i have to pass, she is not my wife. gagan says she is your wife. adi says i need to cross factory. gagan says we have sent your order for transport, we did your paintings, even while you killed my brother, we have permit your parents leave, we’re accurate humans, not assassin such as you, you could cross, we must do woman’s bidaai, you may be going home with roshni. adi receives taken aback. gagan says you have to take roshni to her sasural if you need your mother and father to be secure.


Roshni’s bidaai is accomplished. her mum gives her sindoor from mata rani’s temple. roshni greets anybody. adi and roshni depart. mr. bhalla, raman and mani watch cricket and giggle. shagun gets juice. raman asks her to get starters. shagun says i can get it. she receives a name and goes to wait it. ishita cooks meals. neela says ruhi is with mihika. ruhi likes the clothier outfits and shows mihika. mihika says its very quite, wow you recognize what, you should buy this, it will fit you. ruhi says its accurate, however see fee, its high priced, i don’t assume ishita will let me take it. mihika says she gained’t say no. ruhi says i used to be thinking how did ishita say sure for aaliya’s luxurious lahenga. ishita comes and likes the dress. she says ruhi will appearance lovable. mihika says i think we should buy this for ruhi. ishita says yes, take it, its affordable rate. ruhi asks what, it charges 11 lakhs. ishita asks how, aaliya’s lahenga is so heavy, its for two.5 lakhs. mihika and ruhi say its not possible and test its price on the internet site. mihika says its worth 15 lakhs. ishita receives greatly surprised.


She says shagun instructed me 2.five lakhs. mihika says perhaps shagun concept you may refuse for it, so she said less price. ishita says its wastage of cash. she goes. shagun talks to caterers. a female meets shagun. shagun says we are doing arrangements for my daughter’s marriage, that is her inlaws, so i came right here. the woman says i suppose its massive fat indian wedding ceremony. shagun says no, its easy. ishita comes and says we determined we will get lahenga, how did you buy high-priced lahenga, its really worth 15 lakhs, you knew we are able to divide the price, you lied to me, you’ve got spent a lot. woman says you’ve got spent a lot on a lahenga, you stated its simple wedding, and decreased guests, but be true to household. she goes.


Last Part of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shagun argues with ishita for her lecture. she says we’ve exclusive perspectives on marriage, its now not accomplished, aaliya is my daughter, if i want to shop for dressmaker lahenga for her, what’s your trouble, why do you begin usually. ruhi says i m positive they fought. ishita asks is that this a opposition for you, mani is my fine pal, i stayed with him for years, i raised aaliya, 15 lakhs is too much, aaliya will wear it for one day. all people hear them argument and pop out. ishita says its a easy aspect. shagun says you constantly want to prove you are right and all of us else is incorrect, you’re making a large trouble for an outfit. ishita says raman can also buy a pricey lahenga for aaliya, there should be readability in our families, if all of us do as they need then… shagun asks what is going to manifest, i preferred the outfit and purchased it for aaliya, i paid my cash, you continually want to boss around, you said you want simple wedding and then rejected the wedding card of my desire, why don’t you do this. mani asks shagun to calm down. shagun says i were given insulted, i won’t live here now. she is going. mani and aaliya cross after her. ishita gets indignant.

Precap: Ishita says i would really like to make fd for aaliya alternatively spending cash on lahenga, you tell me if you think i m incorrect, else talk to shagun. raman issues. adi asks roshni to sit right here, i must pass for transport, i will choose you on go back. he is going. goons comply with roshni.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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