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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode begins with adi considering the compelled marriage. he stops the auto. roshni asks what came about. adi drives home. aaliya sees adi and hugs him. mani and shagun come to aaliya. aaliya asks how did you come back right here abruptly, you did not tell me, i overlooked you a lot. roshni gets down the car. aaliya asks who’s she. roshni says i m his spouse. aaliya asks what nonsense, adi is that this real. adi imagines this and issues. he thinks what to tell every body. he asks roshni to get down the automobile. he says i’ve a few work, gagan did delivery, but i ought to signal papers, sit right here, i can select you on return. she nods. adi sits in car and says you are tied to my neck forcibly, i don’t accept as true with in this marriage, i will’t cheat aaliya, i can’t take you home, none will realize about our fake marriage. he leaves.


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Raman asks ishita to loosen up. ishita asks what wrong did i say, lahenga worth 15 lakhs, what’s this use, shagun thinks i m bossing around, there is not anything like that, shagun might have performed investment, its vain, and she lied to me. shagun comes domestic and says ishita usually boss around, this isn’t performed. mani tries to give an explanation for. shagun says everything is to be decided by means of ishita, am i now not aaliya’s mum. ishita says shagun have become aaliya’s mum now, i raised aaliya, i would have made any fd for aaliya, in case you think i m wrong, tell me, else communicate to shagun. raman asks her no longer to get irritated. he goes. aaliya asks shagun to calm down. shagun says mani thinks ishita is right and that i m wrong, i won’t come in this marriage, do anything, permit ishita decide. she is going. mani asks what occurred to you, what did this happen.
Adi says shall i inform the whole lot to aaliya, no, how will i face her, what will i say. he stops the car. he says i left roshni there, even then…. aaliya calls him and asks him to come back quickly. he asks why are you in anxiety, i m coming. she tells approximately the combat, just come back. he says sure, i m coming. he ends name and says thank god, i felt she were given to realize the whole lot. he leaves. roshni sits on my own. defend asks her to move home. she says i don’t have smartphone and cash, i don’t recognize my sasural cope with, let me take a seat right here for some time, my husband will come. the shield says he made you mad and went, simply go now, live in temple or gurudwara. roshni thinks wherein to head and walks on lonely road. the goons see her and tease. she runs. they run after her.


Mani and raman approximately shagun and ishita’s fight. mani says shagun isn’t always listening, the way to solve this. raman says even ishita does no longer want to listen, we are able to deliver them some time. mani says thank god, we each are practical, we don’t fight for small matters. raman ends name and says these girls don’t know children are caught in their fight. adi meets aaliya and hugs her. he says i ignored you. she says thank god, you came lower back, i certainly missed you, how did you get harm, you probably did now not tell me. he says i met with a small coincidence, inform me the matter. she cries. she says there are many problems, shagun and ishita fought, i don’t care our marriage happens grand or simple manner, i just need to marry you, i m equipped for court marriage, i will’t live with out you.


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Adi says the whole thing may be exceptional, smile now. she says sorry, you came via touring, i m pronouncing all this. he hugs her and thinks i came far from khandpur and roshni. goons capture roshni. she beats them with a stick. an auto driving force meets her and asks her to come, he will drop her. she thanks him. ishita worries seeing adi. mrs. bhalla asks ishita to speak later, permit adi take rest. ishita says we had been worried for you, you ought to have told us. adi says i have to mention something. raman asks him to mention. adi says i don’t realize what to mention, something passed off… ishita asks did you get to know about my and shagun’s combat, i spoke to aaliya. she asks did she inform you, you suspect i m incorrect, i can’t explain myself, i did that feeling it proper, i m additionally tired, adi tell me in case you want doctor, take rest. raman says you could speak to ishita later. they cross. adi says a way to explain you papa and ishi maa.
Precap: Aaliya cries and says how will my marriage occur if shagun does no longer come. mani says i m with you shagun. adi signs mani. shagun says but ishita will now not comply with my terms. mani asks who is she to decide this. adi symptoms mani now not to say something extra.


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