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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with adi napping. he desires of leaving roshni alone and wakes up. he says i did mistake, i have to have now not permit her on my own, if gagan does whatever to raman and ishita… he goes out of room. romi stops him and asks in which are you going at night time on this nation. adi says i m going to meet my wife. romi asks how are you going to meet aaliya now. adi asks not aaliya, roshni, she is my spouse. romi asks who’s roshni, tell me what’s the problem. adi tells him the whole lot approximately his marriage with roshni. romi gets greatly surprised and asks why did you no longer tell us, wherein is that woman now. adi says i left her in some park, i couldn’t get her right here, what shall i do.

Full Details of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Romi says you did exact to depart her in park, this isn’t marriage, they forced you, none can receive this marriage, don’t feel responsible. adi cries and says i m feeling unusual, what might i do, that poor lady, its no longer her mistake, i m scared if roshni advised gagan, they’re risky people. romi says not anything will show up, o m there, i can manipulate, roshni is not a small youngster to fall in trouble, she would have long past to khandpur, none should know this, neglect the entirety, she will be able to’t do anything, i can manipulate, i m with you. he hugs adi.
the auto driving force receives roshni to a lodge. she asks wherein did you get me. he says i recognize you could’t trust me, but a great female shanti tai remains right here and helps people like you. shanti tai gives her water and says you are courageous, call your mum. roshni says no, what is going to i inform her, my husband left me, he’s going to come again to take me, i must locate him. shanti asks her to stay in her home, many concerned girls come here, i take care of them, don’t fear. roshni says even supposing he left me, i received’t become burden on all people, i m younger, i will work and earn money to pay you rent. shanti asks her to head and relaxation. the man asks shanti to take care. shanti says sure, i don’t assume she will find her husband.


Its morning, romi asks adi is the whole thing nice, does roshni has your wide variety. adi says no, none has quantity and address, why did gagan now not name. romi says maybe they don’t care for her, they treat women like goats and cows, they needed to take revenge of chandan’s revenge and did your marriage together with her, if call comes, don’t answer, block the quantity, i m going khandpur, i’m able to make things quality. adi says don’t pass there. romi says i have visible such goons, don’t worry, none must understand about this, just kick back. raman comes and asks what’s the problem.


Romi says you need to knock and come in young son’s room, i used to be just explaining adi that he is going to get married now, we ought to preserve an excellent bachelors celebration for him. raman says it’s going to show up whilst he gets married. adi asks why will marriage no longer appear. raman says your mums are having a conflict. adi asks oh that’s the cause. raman asks have to there be another reason. romi says adi is feeling abnormal. raman asks adi to move and send aaliya.


Ishita says none has to do whatever. mrs. bhalla asks what’s the problem. ishita says raman does no longer need to speak to shagun. mrs. bhalla says adi has long gone out. aaliya comes and cries, announcing i assume i’m able to no longer get married and could get mad in adi’s love. raman smiles. mihika says she is crying a lot. aaliya says shagun won’t are available marriage, how will it show up then. raman says shagun is doing emotional blackmail, its shagun’s mistake, she usually does so. aaliya says ishita is proper, marriage can’t occur.


Ishita says sure, is this any manner, talk to shagun. raman and mihika smile. adi and mani act in front of shagun. mani says aaliya went out. adi says its right, i don’t need her to peer me in this nation, ishita refused from coming in my marriage, absolutely everyone is my love’s enemy, you are ishita’s properly friend, speak to ishita. shagun says like i determined, i will not are available marriage. adi does emotional blackmail and asks gained’t we care if you don’t come, i need both my mums to be there, marriage be lavish or simple, i need to marry anyway. mani says shagun received’t bend. ishita is not doing honest, shagun i m with you. shagun says we understand ishita, she received’t agree. mani asks who’s she to decide this. adi stops mani. mani says raman is calling, i don’t want to talk. adi says please communicate. mani answers raman’s call. raman asks them to return domestic. mani asks why lets come. shagun says we will move there for adi. adi thank you her. mani says high-quality, we’re coming. they smile.


Adi says romi should determine approximately that female, our tale will give up right here. roshni thanks shanti. shanti says i’m able to make you pay for this, move and get geared up. roshni says i think he’s going to find me in park, i’m able to pass there. shanti sends her. the motive force comes there and asks how is she. shanti says i’m able to keep her best, she is golden eggs laying fowl, we need to get customers. they laugh. roshni hears them and cries. she tries to run. they trap her. roshni scolds her. shanti slaps her.


Last Part of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shanti asks the driving force to shut roshni and find customers. shagun, mani and adi come to raman’s house. shagun asks aaliya how is she here. raman says she changed into crying. mani defends shagun. raman defends ishita. they argue. adi asks them to talk to aaliya and ask her what she needs. he asks aaliya to mention. mihika says simply say what’s on your heart, you want that lahenga or no longer. aaliya says i preferred that lahenga, however i don’t need to put on it, this lahenga does no longer rely to me, your happiness matters, i will wear whatever in marriage, i simply want each my mums to are available marriage nicely. raman says so aaliya determined. mihika says actually, shagun desired aaliya to look lovely, ishita does no longer want lahenga to be high priced, we can see extra alternatives. adi says sure, we are able to see new fashion designer. they all agree. ishita and shagun see every different. aaliya says none can stop our marriage, i m so happy. she hugs adi. adi remembers roshni. aaliya receives pc and calls him out.

Precap of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update. : Ishita meets shanti and suggests lahenga design. she hears roshni shouting for assist. shanti asks her to go away and scolds her. ishita concerns.


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