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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with raman and ishita coming domestic in a taxi. raman says i have much less time, i ought to reach…. bala stops them. he asks raman in which are you getting in hurry, you did vandu’s homicide, how could you, she appeared you brother, you crushed her under vehicle and left, if you took her to health center, she may want to have survived, ishu please i don’t need to listen, raman appearance in my eyes and say you did now not do murder, say the fact. ishita says why does all of us want to show raman did twist of fate, he can’t do that, are you listening.

  • Bala says i need you to say fact raman. raman says i… bala says you’re a liar. he beats up raman. he says you are suggest to break my family, you killed vandu, i will kill you. ishita is available in among and says forestall it. bala says close up, you’re a liar, you’re assisting raman, did you forget your sister, vandu and that i continually stood with you, what did you go, you proved raman is on one aspect and global on different facet, despite the fact that raman kills all of us, i desire i died together with vandu, you forgot the whole lot ishita. ishita cries. bala says its superb, you probably did fantastic activity, from nowadays, there may be no relation among us, i could not imagine you could try this, its all over. he shouts and leaves. ishita cries. raman holds her. ishita and raman cross home.

Adi is in workplace and recalls client’s words. mr. bhatia comes. adi asks him to sit. bhatia says i wanted to speak to you. adi says sorry i did now not realize approximately this meeting, raman and romi aren’t in office. bhatia says i came to satisfy you to speak about something personal, i m listening to each person praising ruhi, i need such woman for my son, who is current, unbiased and business minded, i want you to talk to ruhi about my son. adi says ruhi could be very younger. bhatia says i m now not in hurry, ruhi is younger, however mature and practical, atleast let her meet my son, i realize even your engagement passed off however there is time for marriage, same manner we are able to take speak beforehand. adi says first-rate, i can communicate to ruhi. bhatia says thanks, tell me when to restoration their assembly.

  • Adi smiles and says i can’t believe this, proposals are coming for ruhi, papa and ishi maa may be glad. raman says i don’t recognize i m doing right or wrong. ishita involves him. she apologizes. he says don’t fear, you’re with me, i m sure i will make the entirety high-quality, i recognise what came about with vandu, i will’t tell you, i m helpless. romi offers him papers and says you obtain permission to exit, but you have to come back in 10 days. raman asks him to take care of absolutely everyone. he asks ishita to take care, i will come back and make the whole thing best. ishita thinks i don’t recognise what’s going on in raman’s mind, i accept as true with raman. romi asks in which is raman going. she says some business emergency. he says why in this example, its excellent, i understood. he takes raman’s bag.

Inspector doubts on raman’s complaint and thinks to test formal fir. he says we ought to see this situation from each attitude, take a look at raman’s automobile again, we are able to get some clue.

Aaliya asks why are you thanking me, its my duty to control pihu and ananya, i think i need to go away, shagun is by myself at home. ishita asks how is she. aaliya says she become sounding low on cellphone. ishita thanks her. aaliya says you’re thanking again, you return with me, your temper will alternate, shagun will also be glad. i understand what came about among you and amma. ishita says i m not in right body of thoughts, i don’t want shagun to peer me this way, sorry, go to shagun, she desires you. aaliya is going.

  • Pihu comes and asks ishita why did you not go to amma’s house, she referred to as all ladies from building, come. ishita says we aren’t needed to go there, amma is annoyed with me, when her anger gets much less, we can meet her. pihu says i will cross there and spot, amma loves me, she isn’t always angry with me. pihu goes. ishita thinks maybe amma’s anger gets down via seeing pihu.

Inspector says raman’s fingerprints are on the car, but guidance wheel has no fingerprints, as if the marks are erased. the person says why might raman do that, he would have erased all of the fingerprints. the constable receives the pen holder pin. inspector asks them to expose it to ishita and discover.

Adi and aaliya are on the manner. adi tells about notion for ruhi. he says ruhi could be satisfied hearing this. aaliya says why do you observed so, we aren’t geared up for marriage, how can ruhi agree so soon. he says i recognize, ruhi can meet the guy, i want her to be satisfied, i can suggest this to her. she says you don’t recognise her future planning, she is doing accurate in enterprise. he says i recognize, she has gone via lots in youth, i want her to get a few top existence associate who keeps her happy, like we are glad. aaliya nods.

Amma talks to constructing ladies and asks them to boycott bhalla own family. she says raman killed my daughter. the girl asks what approximately ishita. ishita takes cellular and a vase falls and breaks. amma says our relation broke, she made fun of my values, she thinks she can do anything, raman is a assassin. pihu shouts my papa isn’t a assassin, what are you announcing. amma says i recognize what i m pronouncing, your papa is a murderer, your mum is a liar. pihu shouts no. amma says her dad and mom gave her such values. neelu comes to ishita and asks her to come back speedy, amma and pihu are shouting.

  • Ishita rushes. pihu says amma is mendacity, my mumma papa are not such. amma pushes her. ishita comes and holds pihu. she says amma…. pihu is a little woman, how are you behaving along with her, you get anger on us, why on her. pihu says my papa is not murderer, provide an explanation for amma. ishita says amma has misunderstanding, go, i can provide an explanation for her. she sends pihu with neelu.

She asks why are you behaving such with pihu. amma scolds her and says don’t ship her right here, my house doorways are close for a assassin’s family. ishita asks why are you doing drama in front of others. amma asks are you ashamed, you probably did not get shame while you lied, your husband killed my daughter, he might also kill someone else the following day. ishita says you’re forgetting i have misplaced my sister, i additionally have pain, you’ll now not agree with anything, its my mission, deliver me 2 days, i’m able to show my husband is harmless, he did not do all of us’s coincidence. amma says satisfactory, i m waiting, i need to peer what you do, how are you going to get evidence, you’ll have fake proof. he asks the girls to help her, a assassin is staying of their building. the lady says we recognize your sorrow. amma asks ishita now not to talk in between. the female says bhallas continually helped other, we are feeling horrific seeing the tension among your households, we are able to’t decide who is right and incorrect. amma says first-rate then depart, you come to me whilst you know fact. the girl apologizes. they all leave. amma stares at ishita and asks her to depart, i don’t want you. ishita leaves.

Precap: Ishita asks a man about the pen, I want this to be exclusive, for whom did you make this pen. He says I don’t know client’s name, I delivered it to businessman Raghav’s house. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Ferhana


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