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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with raman and ishita locating the woman. ishita says its all locked. the motive force asks shanti is roshni equipped. shanti says sure. the man says its bachelors celebration, the guys have come to see quite ladies, will this paintings. shanti says sure, we ought to get top money if whatever happens along with her. he says she isn’t capable of take a seat, did you deliver her an awful lot dose. she says no, i know how a lot dose to provide, make her stand behind other women, guys like shy women, maybe all of us chooses her. she says now and again you speak proper. she asks him to go, she can get her. she ties the veil to roshni’s face.


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Aaliya talks to friend and says i m very excited, i usually wanted to head greece. mani comes to her and asks her is she pleasant. aaliya says i m best. mani says i recognize, you will be involved, are you positive you are quality. she says i sense there may be some thing i don’t know. he says i m no longer comfortable for adi’s bachelors birthday celebration, i realize you’re concerned. she says no, its a easy celebration. shagun comes and smiles. mani says its no longer simple birthday celebration, i attended it once, i sense shy to think about it. aaliya says so lovable, raman and romi might be with adi, he’s quite simple like you, i recognize he gained’t do such thing. shagun says i knew mani will overreact, even hens party is there for ladies, allow adi revel in, its remaining week of his freedom. mani asks is aaliya a jail, what do you mean. aaliya asks what are you pronouncing. mani says women can be in that birthday party. aaliya says adi respects girls, he is ishita’s son, he can’t spoil my agree with. they smile.
Adi asks what’s all this. his buddy says enjoy these days. romi says its your bachelors party, sing and dance. adi asks romi to listen. romi asks the men to begin. adi worries for roshni. he says i left her in park, if she complains in police then. romi says she is not a small youngster, you did no longer get her name, it approach the entirety is pleasant, your friends did arrangements, enjoy. adi says aaliya will not locate this right, what’s the want of this. romi says you aren’t antique, aaliya is aware of this, she is k with it. adi asks actually. romi says sure, its all ideal.


The men tie the material to adi’s eyes and take him to the dance ground. adi asks what’s happening. the dancers dance. roshni gets dizzy. ishita hears the song and asks raman about it. raman says yes, we could observe the sound. adi is going away. romi takes drink for him. he asks what took place, have this. adi refuses. romi says concentrate, the guys who’re going to get married, watch for bachelors birthday party, experience it, i was mad in my party, what befell to you. adi says i could revel in in just liquids celebration, ladies and all look bizarre. romi asks are you of bhalla own family or iyers, we don’t take a seat calm, see how mummy beverages and takes house on her head, come. romi leaves adi with the ladies to bop. roshni sees adi and recollects their marriage. she thinks he’s my husband, its not right if he sees me in this state.


Shagun calls ishita. ishita does now not answer. shagun says she is so careless, she did no longer inform me approximately embroidery. aaliya says sorry, i also forgot. shagun says anyway, i’m able to cross bhalla residence and watch for her. aaliya says its past due. shagun says we are able to’t postpone greater, i will meet ishita and determine, ishita can’t do this usually. aaliya thinks no, if they meet, they will fight once more, i can come along.


Shanti and the driving force see roshni. shanti asks him to take roshni to the groom, if groom touches her, i’m able to pay double. ishita says forestall it, what’s happening. romi asks who is it. adi says ishi maa. romi sees ishita and raman. shanti recollects ishita and says she came to our house, she heard roshni’s scream, i think she is following us, she will supply us to police, we shall depart, we are able to see that lady later. they go away.


Raman asks romi what’s occurring. romi says adi’s buddies gave bachelors party to adi. ishita asks will you call ladies and maintain such birthday celebration. adi says yes, i instructed romi. ishita says you already know difference among proper and incorrect, why did you not say. romi says its no longer adi’s mistake, it become wonder for him, i planned this, its ordinary party. raman says sorry, every body depart, the party is over. adi calls aaliya. she asks approximately celebration pix. adi says its pleasant. aaliya says i received’t will let you move in any party by myself, is this silent party, what’s occurring. he asks in which are you. she says i m going bhalla residence with shagun. he says high-quality, i can meet you. she asks why is he leaving party and coming domestic.


Ishita asks the dancers to move. dancers ask for money. adi signs romi. romi says i can pay. ishita says i’m able to pay. raman asks romi and adi to go domestic. they depart. ishita pays the dancers. roshni stumbles. ishita says raman, she is falling. raman holds her and says she can’t breath. he removes her veil. she sees roshni and says i have seen her. she recollects meeting roshni’s mum in temple and says she is from khandpur. he says we are able to take her to doctor.


Shagun asks where is ishita. neelu tells mihika she made dinner. mr bhalla asks shagun and aaliya to have meals. shagun says no, mani is ready at home. she asks mihika to name ishita. ruhi comes with a lady. the lady says i got gangajal bottle for you and iyers. she is going.muhika calls ishita. shagun says ishita is so careless, she does no longer care for some thing. romi comes domestic. shagun asks how did you come early, is party over. romi says no, i came to satisfy mum. he goes. mihika says what work he has with mummy ji.


Raman and ishita make roshni sit down in vehicle. she asks what now, we gained’t inform police. he says someone would have kidnapped her, why don’t we tell police. she says her mum said her marriage passed off by using trouble, we will ask her what occurred with her when she receives aware. he says we received’t inform circle of relatives. she says we’re taking her domestic, we can’t disguise it. he says we will ask gagan about her. mihika calls him. he answers. mihika asks is ishita with you. ishita talks. mihika says shagun and aaliya are looking ahead to you. ishita says sorry, we’re coming, we are able to come and talk. ishita ends call and says shagun gets indignant, i don’t have embroidery sample. he says don’t fear, shagun will understand, saving this lady is more imp, we are able to talk to gagan as soon as this female gets aware. she says what might have took place with this woman.


Precap: Roshni says i idea he’s a pleasing man. ishita asks did your husband depart you, we are able to see him. ishita asks aaliya to give an explanation for adi. aaliya says its ok, i m no longer angry. adi receives shocked seeing roshni.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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