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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with ishita getting amma’s call. she gets a call and says pleasant, i’m able to just come. adi talks to aaliya on name. he says yes, i can give an explanation for him, we have special bond, he will no longer refuse to me. he sees shravan. he is going to him and says you’re sitting right here, see what i were given for you, surprise. he says i got your fav icecream, you recollect we used to have icecream right here, come we can have it. he says we will move upstairs, come. he is taking shravan.

  • Ishita comes to police station. she says you called me. inspector says yes, sit down. she says no, i m precise, raman went out of town, i couldn’t inform you sorry. he says i recognize, i signed on his journey permission, i had paintings from you, we were given some thing for the duration of research and desired you to inform us. he asks her does she recognize it.

She says it looks pen clip, it has no brand call, its of gold, it seems expensive. he asks does raman use such clip ball pens. she says no, i m certain, he is my husband, he by no means makes use of gold pens, i can discover in his office, can i click on its image, i’m able to ship to his secretary. inspector says find out, is it of that character who has stolen the auto. she clicks photo.

  • She says if you think raman has killed vandu, you’re mistaken, i consider him. he says i realize my work, we are able to go away him if he is innocent, don’t fear, if he’s perpetrator, you may also be punished. she says you accept as true with or no longer, i’m able to completely help you, call me if you want any help. she leaves.

Adi says whilst amma eats her fav icecream, her anger gets down. shravan says now not anything is first-rate, what’s this drama, you’re behaving like not anything befell. adi says agree with me, i m no longer doing drama, i know pain of dropping mum, ishi maa left us some years in the past, i apprehend, i m your buddy before being your brother, tell me what to do.

Shravan asks will you capable of do, you take care of me right, go and deliver raman to police, announcing is easy, doing is tough. adi asks what are you wondering, i recognize papa properly, he received’t do such. shravan says amma stated right, you all are looking to save raman, you want to make our mouth close via getting icecream. he throws icecream and is going. adi asks amma and appa to see how is shravan announcing. amma says you all are egocentric, your complete family is egocentric, move from right here. appa asks him to go. adi says concentrate to me. appa says don’t come here to hassle me, else i can get restraining order for you, we have no relation, we don’t care what you watched. adi says i m ishi maa’s son. appa says no, sorry, whilst we have no daughter, then you definately… you have no blood relation with you, depart from here. adi selections the icecream and sees them sadly. he leaves.

Ishita talks to shweta and asks did you get that clip photograph, did raman had such pen, are you positive raman did no longer have such, find out in office if everybody else used the pen, discover soon and inform me, don’t allow everyone recognize this. she says don’t now who used that pen. she calls raman and could not join. she leaves message for him. mrs. bhalla involves her and says i m worried for pihu. ishita asks what happened. mrs. bhalla says she is disturbed through some thing happened between you and amma, i have an answer, my sister has children, pihu played with them once they got here here, we are able to ship pihu to them, she could be away from right here. ishita asks will she be capable of live by myself. mrs. bhalla says don’t worry, she may be glad, we can name her as soon as matters get excellent. ishita says you are proper, i can cross her college and supply leave software, i should explain pihu’s remember in my view. mrs. bhalla says thank you, i knew you will not refuse, i prepared pihu’s bag, i can ask romi and mihika to drop her.

Its morning, ishita meets fundamental and says i have sent pihu for emergency, please sanction this utility. he asks what about her research. she says i can be in constant touch with pihu’s friends’ mums, pihu will cowl up, she is sharp. he says great, she could leave out whatever imp. she says no, i assure you i can train her. he concurs and symptoms. a girl comes and says i forgot my pen right here. ishita talks to her. primary says sorry, this fell down, its beautiful pen.

Ishita sees the pen. woman says its unique for me, my husband gifted this to me on anniversary. essential asks ishita to recall her promise. she says sure, i’m able to teach pihu and leaves to locate that female.

Adi calls aaliya and says appa by no means spoke rudely with me. shweta asks him to meet a few customer, who has shipment problems, romi did now not come. he says high-quality, ship me interior. she receives mr. murli. adi greets him and asks him to tell his problem. murli sees appa within the family p.c. adi asks the cargo problem, i m talking to you, do you already know each person on this p.c. murli says vishwanathan iyer is a pleasant guy, we used to paintings collectively earlier than, is he your grandfather. adi recollects appa’s phrases and says no, he isn’t always my grandfather. murli says but this p.c.. adi says you don’t need to invite, inform me your trouble. i m sitting right here to remedy it. shweta hears adi and is going.

  • Ishita stops mrs. sahani and asks about the pen. mrs. sahani says its custom made, its made on unique order, its gold. ishita says can you assist me, message me jeweler’s range, i need to click on a picture, i used to be wondering to present it to my husband. mrs. sahani says certain. ishita clicks photo and thank you her. she says i am hoping after talking to this jeweler, i will locate that person whose pen clip police were given. ruhi comes and hears adi. murli says sufficient, i’m able to cope with problem, do you speak to elders like this. ruhi apologizes. he asks how do you talk appropriate tamil. she says my mummy is tamilian, my grandparents taught me tamil, i m sorry, we can see cargo troubles. murli says i m not cancelling the order most effective because of your sister. he is going. adi asks why did you entertain him, he turned into asking approximately our family matters. ruhi says stop it, how will you communicate to elders like that, raman and ishita taught us to respect elders, we have been losing large order now, i understand all of us are harassed, it does not suggest we let our enterprise suffer, murli is elder to us. he says forestall, i will not listen any lecture now. he is going.

Ishita meets jeweler mehra at cafe and thanks him for coming. she suggests the pen design and says mrs. sahani said you made such special gold pens. mehra says yes, certain, mrs. sahani is our antique customers, its very high priced, you could select layout. she says i need specific design. he says excellent, supply me your information, we are able to region your order. she says pen is steeply-priced, i want it to be special, mrs. sahani already has it, for whom did you are making this closing. he says i don’t understand patron call, however i brought it at businessman raghav’s house. she asks are you speakme about abhimanyu raghav, did he order this. he says no, his secretary ordered this, that specs carrying woman. she asks tisha? he says yes, her call become tisha, pen has preliminary, you’ll see t on it. she gives information. he says we can vicinity your order quickly. she recollects tisha.


Amma scolds Ishita. She says one who is supporting Vandu’s murderer has no right to cook food for Vandu’s memorial function, leave from here. She makes Ishita out of the house.

Update Credit to: Aneesa

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