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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with aaliya giving coffee to ishita. ishita asks about shagun. aaliya says she isn’t at home, she went on journey. ishita says her situation isn’t appropriate. aaliya says she left a observe, she said she is feeling depressed and went on experience with her pals. ishita asks did mani not stop her, its not right for her to go. aaliya says i recognize, he stated she has her gynac buddy with her. ishita thinks whom to talk, will aaliya realize about that pen. she says i had to ask some thing. she shows the photo and asks did you notice this at domestic, with mani or tisha. aaliya says no, what befell. ishita says its not anything. aaliya says you have to be hungry, i can get some thing to eat.

Ishita gets a call. she asks what, t is written on it. she recalls jeweler’s words. she ends name. she asks aaliya approximately tisha. aaliya says i did not see her after holi, i suppose she got pg accommodation. ishita thinks there is some thing of tisha associated with vandu’s accident. ruhi asks shweta to visit adi and get documents signed, what are you thinking, adi isn’t a monster to eat you. shweta goes to adi. he asks does everybody has to bitch. she says ruhi gave you file to check. he says she is shrewd and may test. she says i don’t recognise that. she goes out. ruhi asks did adi take a look at.

Shweta says no, he asked me to leave. ruhi says high-quality, you move your paintings, i ought to move and spot. she is going to adi and says you check the file, its imp. adi says i can see later. she says please take a look at it. he opens the document and sees a chocolate. she smiles. he asks is this a joke, am i a small youngster. she says i idea… he asks did you watched the entirety will get great through giving a chocolate. she says i m sorry. he says if chocolate was bigger, my anger would have calmed down, its high-quality. she pulls his cheeks and says you are an awesome actor, large drama king, supply me chocolate, i did no longer consume food, have a coffee with me, come. they smile and move.

  • Mrs. bhalla talks to neelu. neelu says mihika got vegs for one week. mrs. bhalla nonetheless is going to buy vegs. mihika tells neelu that mrs. bhalla went to fulfill amma. mrs. bhalla is going and sees appa getting vegs. she calls mihika. mihika helps appa. amma stops mihika and says don’t act, we don’t need your sympathy. appa asks amma why did she pop out, she has fever. amma says we need to prepare dinner food for vandu’s ritual. he says i’m able to manage, without taking everyone’s assist, you rest. she says i can not take a seat quiet until vandu’s killer gets punished. mrs. bhalla cries. she says don’t recognise whilst will this get best and the way.

Adi talks to bhatia and says the way to give an explanation for ruhi, i without a doubt sense she is young. bhatia says i understand your family is going through shock, but i will see what you could’t see, i understand ruhi could be perfect for my son, i just want ruhi and my son to satisfy, if they like each other, we will take talks beforehand, else now not, i want your assist, this alliance will be proper for absolutely everyone, all of us will reward you for getting this alliance. adi says exceptional, i’m able to repair their assembly.

Ishita asks what, amma is sick. mrs. bhalla says sure, she does not want to take all and sundry’s help. ishita says i got a cause show raman’s innocence, but we will’t leave amma like this. she goes to iyer house and sees appa slicing vegs. appa cuts his finger. ishita issues and does aid to appa’s finger. she says relax now, i will do everything. amma comes and forestalls ishita. she says one who’s assisting my daughter’s killer has no proper to prepare dinner food for vandu’s ritual, vandu’s soul will no longer get peace, get out of right here, don’t come again here. ishita says i’ve evidence. amma says i don’t want your proof, when police proves raman harmless, then come. she scolds ishita and drops her out of the residence. ishita comes domestic crying. mihika asks what happened.

Mrs. bhalla asks why are you crying. ishita says what shall i do, i need this situation to get solved quickly, i misplaced my sister, vandu used to face with me continually, she always supported me, shravan does not need to see my face. she cries. mrs. bhalla says its be counted of sooner or later. ishita says mihika, don’t we want to do whatever for pitrpuja for vandu. mrs. bhalla says you may do it right here also, we will prepare dinner food right here, its not a big element. mihika says yes, we will make vandu’s fav food and make plate.

Adi goes to ruhi and stops her. he asks her to come, there is assembly with bhatia. she says his paintings is over, why assembly now. he says he wants to meet us, he desires to supply us new settlement. she says its extremely good news, i’m able to make convention room equipped. he says no, we must cross on coffee store. she says name him at office. he says he has assembly going on there already, come. she says fine, no hassle. he smiles. she asks is there some thing. he says no, land up matters, come. he is going out and calls bhatia. he says ruhi is coming for meeting. he says i m ruhi’s elder brother, now papa won’t locate me vain.

  • Amma and appa do ritual and maintain meals. pandit tells about pitrpuja, feeding crows way attractive the soul. mihika and ishita hold meals. ishita apologizes to vandu and thinks i consider my husband, it does now not suggest i don’t love you, i will get justice for you. amma sees them and recalls the phrases.

The crow comes and sees the 2 plates. crow goes to consume from the plate saved by amma. amma gives a glance to ishita. crow flies away and goes to food stored by means of ishita. crows eats that. amma receives shocked. ishita and mihika smile. ishita thanks vandu for accepting her prayers. she prays that vandu succeeds even amma’s puja. crow flies to amma’s plate and eats food. amma receives happy. ishita smiles.
Precap: ruhi argues with adi. she says i don’t recognize how can all and sundry get jealous of his personal sister. adi says close up ruhi and slaps her. ishita sees the sketch and tisha’s %. she says she is niddhi, she is alive. ruhi sees someone kidnapping amma and runs to see. she gets greatly surprised seeing niddhi. niddhi calls ishita and says your mum is with me.

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