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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on lollyupdates.Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update.Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update latest.

The episode begins with raman calling out pihu. pihu stops. raman gets rid of the hair wig and indicates his face. pihu receives greatly surprised seeing him. she runs to him and hugs. they cry. he asks why are you crying, you are strong princess, papa couldn’t come to you, so i came right here as gulabo, this is just between us, promise. she promises him to keep the name of the game. romi asks did you no longer perceive me, i m romi. pihu says i did not become aware of you, wow, you each are performing so properly, and who is she. divya says i m unique, i m no longer in conceal, i m assisting raman. raman asks pihu not to tell some thing. pihu promises. niddhi says none will recognize what passed off. she provides the poison in the goodies. she thinks ishita, mani and shagun are excited for the baby, shagun will lose her baby after having this candies, the blame will pass on mihika, shagun’s miscarriage will show up because of me, i will get peace seeing their disillusioned faces. she takes the chocolates for shagun. she offers it to shagun. shagun asks mihika did you are making this. mihika says sure, flavor it and inform me how is it. ishita comes and forestalls shagun from consuming goodies.

Niddhi gets issues. mihika asks what occurred. ishita says sorry shagun, you could’t consume this sweets, you’ve got acidity trouble, paisam has sabudana/sago, you can’t have this, sorry mihika, you made this with love, however this is not accurate for her fitness. mihika says its absolutely k. shagun says its exceptional with me. ishita says you need to do dieting. mrs. bhalla says we are able to go and feature meals now. niddhi comes to kitchen and dumps the chocolates. she says i should educate a lesson to ishita, see what i do of ishita now.

Raman involves ishita and asks in which to preserve the gifts. ishita says keep that during shagun’s room, come right here for a min, are you indignant, i scolded you, sorry, but you probably did mistake, if you had been hungry, you can have taken something else, the ones fruits had been just for shagun, tamilian pujas are strict, why did you had to take that orange. pihu laughs. ishita asks why are you giggling. pihu says gulabo has stolen orange. ishita asks what’s humorous. raman signs and symptoms pihu and says i was hungry, that’s why. ishita asks what passed off pihu. raman says go away it, youngsters can snort each time.

He asks pihu to return and do homework. ishita takes the gifts from raman and goes. pihu says papa…. raman says no papa, gulabo. pihu says sorry and laughs.

Romi comes to raman and sees him dozing. he says gulabo. raman wakes up and says sure madam ji. romi laughs and says you appearance warm as gulabo. raman says i got backache, even ishita is not here. romi says so what, your laxman is there. he massages raman’s back. raman says we don’t admire ladies, who do loads, why did you come here, is everything pleasant in office. romi says sure, adi and that i are dealing with workplace, i came to speak approximately mani’s secretary, she is peculiar. raman says sure, tisha, i got negative vibes from her. romi says i saw her with mani, it gave the look of she has preserve on mani. raman says she does not go away a chance to insult gulabo, abhishek isn’t in delhi, as soon as he comes, i need to get tisha’s kundli.

Pihu asks ruhi can she sleep together with her. ruhi says yes, i m studying. pihu gets ruhi’s manager’s call and puts call on speaker. supervisor tells ruhi about a company approaching them for ruhaan, shall i fix the meeting, provide is right. ruhi says no, i don’t need to sign any agreement, refuse to them. he says we can get profit of ruhaan’s fame. ruhi says i m busy now and may’t paintings now. she ends the call. pihu asks why did you refuse to manipulate, in case you are well-known, you’re fortunate that everybody likes you. ruhi says the followers are ruhaan’s fans, they like you until you are famous, those aren’t real pals, i feel its vain. pihu says while humans like your photographs and motion pictures, it is going to be fun, i will additionally make account on fb. ruhi says you’re young, we can make your account whilst you switch 18. pihu thinks even ishita received’t permit me.

Ishita offers milk to shagun and says you’re like a child, to get busy on telephone and tab. shagun says you’re like dadimaa, see the pics came so suitable, i’m able to upload it on facebook. ishita says aaliya receives happy whilst she gets likes. shagun says we are able to get many likes, take a look at this one, gulabo, so adorable, i sense her strange. ishita says yes, but she is a pleasant person, i assume she were given a lot tired today. shagun says study this one, mani is observing me from some distance, something i have stated and achieved, mani is satisfied, but does now not display.

Ishita says raman did not call, we went to espresso store. mani become angry and i got here again quickly. raman did no longer ask something, he does now not ask about ruhi and pihu, i sense he does no longer care. shagun says i m positive he found out he did many errors, i realize he cares for you and could be missing you. raman recalls ishita and smiles. yeh hai mohabbatei…play…

Its morning, shagun thanks pihu for assist. pihu takes care of her. shagun says the function pix got so many likes. pihu says wow, you have many pals, i want to make new friends, can i make account on photogram. shagun says of route, promise me you gained’t get distract with the aid of this and could focus on research. pihu is of the same opinion.

Niddhi says first plan failed, but no longer this one, who will shop ishita now. she takes oil bottle and pours it on the floor. she says now while she won’t have leg left, how will she intrude in other’s work, she can take rest now. raman comes and asks niddhi is she locating whatever. niddhi argues.

Pihu hugs raman. ishita says pihu were given a lot liking for gulabo. raman says she is like my daughter. pihu laughs. ishita asks pihu what’s it. raman says you should be glad that lady is guffawing, come and have breakfast. mani greets ishita. she asks wherein is shagun. he says she simply awakened and stated she will be able to have food in a while. she says she ought to have breakfast on time. raman asks her to have breakfast, shagun may have later. ishita says best and walks in the direction of the desk. niddhi smiles.

Precap: Raman tells his manager about some imp work, to become his husband. The man asks what are you saying. Raman explains everything.

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