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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with every body seeing bala under the influence of alcohol and traumatic. mihika and ishita run downstairs to him. bala can pay the cab driver. the man says see how a whole lot inebriated he’s, he is not capable of stand. shravan gets unhappy and takes bala. he says we don’t want your assist, i can control. bala says why did vandu go away me. appa and all people feel unhappy. appa sits there and cries. amma says we are able to cross home, come, the whole lot might be nice.

  • Ruhi asks what lets order, why are you tensed. he says its consumer’s meeting, so i m in anxiety. she says its not marriage alliance, and laughs. he says i had to tell you, this assembly… he gets bhatia’s call and is going out to talk. rahul bhatia meets ruhi. she says adi became right here, he went out to speak on your dad. adi tells bhatia that they’re speakme to each different nicely. he smiles seeing them. he says rahul seems a nice man. rahul says i simply to say, i m no longer equipped for this alliance. ruhi asks what, are you cancelling enterprise deal with us.

He says i did not come to talk about business deal, i have a gf, my dad dislikes her, so he has sent me here to meet you. she asks what are you saying. he says it manner you don’t recognise, i m certain its my dad’s planning, our meeting is fixed in order that we recognise every other, if we love every other, my dad turned into going to speak to your dad about our marriage. she asks what, i m younger, i m a pupil, i assist my dad in enterprise to examine. he says don’t create a scene here, relax, i’m able to explain, i was wondering the identical, my dad is obsessed approximately my marriage, he desires me to breakup with my gf, why did you come back right here. she says adi advised me approximately agreement. he says it manner, adi is worried on this, so he has got you here. she says why will adi do this. he says exactly, my dad has purpose, perhaps adi wishes you to move off his manner.

Ishita suggests tisha’s % to inspector and says she is mani’s secretary, that pen clip is of tisha. he asks where is she. she says my circle of relatives noticed her on holi celebration ultimate, you need to discover her. she offers jewelry store proprietor number and discover. inspector offers the p.c to locate if it suits with each person desired. the person tests niddhi’s percent and says she has taken getup, its now not her real face. ishita asks what. he says sure, she has worn wig, her tooth are also faux. she says what are you announcing, how will you make certain. he says its our work, you’re a dentist, why did you not recognise her fake teeth. she says i did now not doubt on her, why is she staying with us with fake getup. he says supply me a while, i can find out.

Ruhi goes to adi. she says how dare you do that, i did not recognize you’re so insecure to fall so much to make me out of office, you don’t me to make commercial enterprise career, you understand i m younger, even then you definately constant this meeting, i recognise i m better than you in this subject, you are jealous of me, you can’t see papa supporting me, you lied to me and were given me right here, i can’t recognize how can each person be so jealous of his sister. he shouts close up ruhi and slaps her. he asks will i be jealous of you. she says you slapped me, don’t forget this. she goes. he says how can i slap her, i constantly try and do proper and wrong takes place.

  • Ishita receives stunned seeing niddhi’s sketch. she checks tisha’s %. inspector asks why are you stunned, do you understand this girl. ishita says very well, she is niddhi chabbra, she has escaped from jail, you concept she died, she is alive, she is biggest enemy of my own family, she did my daughter’s kidnapping, she is dangerous, she is roaming loose, i don’t realize what was her purpose to stay as tisha, she has taken vandu’s lifestyles, please discover her. inspector says please chill out. she says no, its critical for my circle of relatives. inspector asks his team to discover niddhi, test every automobile, this woman ought to no longer escape, she ought to be behind bars soon. police crew starts offevolved finding niddhi.

Amma is available in an vehicle, while ruhi gets down the taxi. she sees amma dizzy and is going to assist. amma refuses to take her help. ruhi calls watchman and asks her to get chair for her. she is going to get water for her. she runs out and sees amma gone. watchman says she stated she is going to get medicines. ruhi sees niddhi kidnapping amma and taking her in the vehicle. she receives greatly surprised and says niddhi.

Ishita asks what, did you see niddhi. ruhi says yes, i have visible niddhi, she abducted amma. mrs. bhalla asks ishita is this proper. ishita says yes, i’ve to tell police. niddhi calls ishita. she says your mum is with me. ishita receives greatly surprised and says niddhi…. mrs. bhalla says placed it on speaker. niddhi says you’ve got spoiled my life, i haven’t any enmity along with your mum, if you need to peer her alive, do as i say, if you act smart, i will do equal with your mum which i did along with your daughter, i kept ruhi from you for decades, simply do as i say. ishita says please, don’t do whatever to her, tell me what you want.

Niddhi says i must leave from this country, you’ll assist me, don’t act smart. she threatens her. she calls ishita at a few region and asks her not to tell police. mrs. bhalla says raman isn’t always at domestic, how will we manipulate. ishita says she is a girl, and we are also girls, she snatched my daughter, i will no longer permit her grab my mother, i becomes tigress for my mum, and teach her a lesson. mrs. bhalla asks her to be robust. ishita says i recognize what we ought to do.

Ishita is going to meet niddhi and sees amma tied. niddhi assessments her vehicle and says i recognise you won’t hazard your mum’s existence, get me out of delhi speedy. she indicates the bomb fixed to amma. ishita receives bowled over. niddhi says in case you act smart, your mum will die in this blast, i have the far off in hand, you have 20 minutes, take me properly, else your mum will die. ishita says inform me what you want, i can do the entirety. niddhi says you may drive and take me out. ishita thinks this time its my plan, we bhallas will now not leave you.
Precap: Ishita asks niddhi to come back. she opens the dickey. she places torch on niddhi’s face. mihika and ruhi throw chilli powder in niddhi’s eyes. niddhi screams.


Update Credit To: Aneesa

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