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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode starts with ishita taking walks in the direction of the table. she slips down. raman holds her in time. mani gets concerned. raman takes ishita to the room. mani exams the ground and says how did oil come right here. he asks the maid about the oily ground. maid says i did no longer drop oil, i don’t recognise about oil. raman sends the maid and tells mani approximately niddhi/tisha, she became doing some thing in kitchen. mani says why will tisha do this, cross and supply remedy to ishita. raman says you watched, it was ishita today, if it turned into shagun, whatever may want to have passed off to the infant.

Ishita says so sorry gulabo, you came here to appearance after pihu and shagun, and looking after me. raman says its exceptional. ishita praises gulabo. raman smiles and thinks ishita is my life. ishita asks for assist. she says i’ve to plot wonder for a person, can you do it. raman asks her to mention. he thinks whom is she giving wonder.

Niddhi asks are you mad, why will i drop oil. mani shouts enough, inform me did you drop oil, i understand you’ve got achieved this, prevent acting. he scolds niddhi and says i helped you in fleeing from prison, if it became shagun instead ishita, if some thing takes place to my infant, i will kill you. he hurts her and says in case you don’t stop this, i will provide you with to police.

Shagun and ishita do preparations. ishita asks raman approximately the house. raman says its precise, is there any function. raman says a unique guest is coming our house. raman asks who. ishita says gulabo and her husband, they’re unique for us and coming to dinner at our residence. raman says what’s the want, you do lots for us, you stored ishita additionally, we want to thanks. raman says you may just thank us. ishita says you work through heart and took high-quality care of pihu, we need to throw a night meal for you and your husband, name him. raman issues. ishita says name him for dinner.

Raman says he has long gone outdoor, he isn’t at domestic these days. shagun says high-quality, we can shift plan day after today, get him on dinner day after today. ishita says achieved, we will hold dinner the following day. pihu talks to her pal and says i can test my photogram account. she sees so many friend requests. she assessments her picture to position. she clicks her p.c like ruhi does. she says i can tell papa to click on my appropriate percent.

Romi asks raman what’s the problem. raman asks did you call that man. romi says sure, do you need to supply him any process. raman says he has to come to be my husband. romi asks what. raman says shagun and ishita invited gulabo and her husband. the fellow comes and talks approximately work. raman says sit, you have to come to be my husband. the fellow asks what are you pronouncing. raman and romi explain the whole thing. raman says its matter of someday, please agree. the guy says no, if my spouse is aware of this, she can depart me, ishita can complain to my dad, i can’t do this. raman requests. the guy says sorry and leaves. raman says who turns into gulabo’s husband. shagun says we should purchase a gift for gulabo’s husband. ishita says correct idea, take rest now. pihu comes to fulfill shagun. ishita asks her now not to trouble shagun. she goes. pihu shows her selfies to place on photogram. shagun says this % is very lovable, put this. pihu says no, my cheeks are overweight. shagun says its lovable and uploads the profile %.

Raman asks romi will your buddy work. romi says yes, he is expert actor, he has come. he meets his buddy. the guy dhruv asks what’s the paintings. romi says you have to do acting to emerge as someone’s husband. dhruv asks is that this any play, who’re other actors. romi says you have to come to be my brother’s husband. dhruv asks what. raman says hello… romi says my brother is doing this for own family motive, tomorrow… dhruv says i m no longer unfastened the next day, sorry, i were given gf call, i have to leave. he is going.

Ishita calls gulabo. raman solutions. ishita asks is your husband coming tomorrow. raman says he’s going to come, he’s keen to satisfy you all. ishita asks what does he like. raman says palak paneer. she says first-class, we will make that, get him and come. raman says who can have it.

Its morning, raman comes for work. ishita says i have lots work nowadays, cope with pihu and shagun. raman smiles and says then we are able to cancel dinner. ishita says no, i need to come back home early and prepare dinner meals, don’t take anxiety, you have to be there. raman says no need to do all this. ishita says i ought to thank your husband for permitting you to do all this. she goes. raman calls romi. romi says i m trying, supply me a while. raman worries and prays to lord to give him a husband.

Pihu says papa, you realize what took place in maths check, i used to be writing sluggish and trainer scolded me, i should make waste materials undertaking in technology, why are you tensed, did ishi maa realize. raman says no. romi calls him and says i were given a husband for you, i m sending him in night. raman receives relieved. pihu says you had been sad, how did you get glad so soon. raman says you received’t recognize, do homework. she asks am i able to do homework later. raman says first-rate and goes. she receives busy on social web sites.

Raman concerns and waits for the guy. ishita says he will come, don’t worry. raman opens the door and the man kartaar singh greets gulabo, saying i m gulabo’s husband. shagun and ishita greet kartaar and asks him to sit down. shagun praises gulabo. kartaar says she wins everybody’s heart. raman says behave your self, have meals, no want for juice. ishita says no, have juice, gulabo managed all work quickly. we want to know her story, how did you two meet and marry. shagun says yes, love marriage or arrange marriage… raman thinks the way to control.

Precap: Maid says Gulabo’s husband came. Raman tells Dhruv to cancel the act. Raman says sit well. The office guy comes as Gulabo’s husband too.

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