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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with ishita saying you have to sit in dickey to come with me. niddhi says you’re clever, you need to take me to police station. ishita says you are smart, i’m able to make you sit down in front seat and pass by using police station, you have got constant bomb to my mum, am i fool to take risk, i recognize you may press button each time. niddhi says best, come, you need to drop me adequately. ishita opens dickey and asks her to come. she places torch light on her face. ruhi and mihika assault niddhi with chilli powder. they throw water on her. niddhi screams.

Ishita injects niddhi. niddhi asks what did you do. ishita says i injected poison in you, it’ll kill you in 10mins. niddhi says just i will defuse the bomb fixed in your mum. ishita says you may assist and get saved, else police is ready to store amma.

Niddhi says i can inform you. ishit asks her not to act clever, else you understand you will lose your life. ishita goes to amma to defuse the bomb. she says amma don’t worry. niddhi publications her to cut the wires.
ishita sees the timer. she cries and cuts the wire at ultimate sec. amma receives stored. they get relieved. ishita says bomb defused. mihika and ruhi run to amma. ishita says we’re with you, are you satisfactory. niddhi says prevent this drama, store me first. ishita says i got peace seeing you this manner. police comes. ishita says thank me, i m no longer heartless such as you, i gave glucose injection to you, you will not die, now solution me, why did you kill vandu. niddhi says i did now not do it. ishita slaps her and tells amma that niddhi did the twist of fate, your pen clip become observed in raman’s car. vandu says twist of fate came about by way of mistake. ishita says simply close up, i recognise what you probably did. she says niddhi will inform amma why she killed vandu.

Niddhi says i forgot my faux tooth on holi night time, after I went home lower back, i did now not had specifications and pretend teeth, shagun was alone at home, i blackmailed mani to help me, shagun saw me and changed into going to call police, i pushed her and she fell over her tummy’s aspect. ishita asks what, is she first-class. niddhi says once I went to her, bleeding commenced, i would have killed her, but she entered the room. ishita gets greatly surprised.

  • Niddhi says then raman came, maybe shagun known as him, i had to run from there, i noticed raman’s vehicle, i did not had keys, i needed to open it by pen clip. facebook suggests all of the moments. niddhi drives raman’s automobile and leaves. she says i did now not recognize vandu will are available in my way, she came under my vehicle and died, i did now not do coincidence intentionally. they cry. amma says you killed my daughter, and slaps niddhi.

Niddhi says it became simply an coincidence. ishita consoles amma and asks police to take niddhi. inspector says ishita did the paintings which police could not, you ladies did huge component, we will be thankful. police takes niddhi.

Ishita says raman did not kill vandu, so i stood with him, i knew it. amma apologizes and hugs her. ishita says you forgive me, by no means get angry. all of them hug.

Ishita brings amma home. mihika says i m satisfied you got here domestic properly. ishita asks how did you get harm. mihika says we got hidden in trees, maybe that time. ruhi says include me, i’m able to follow ointment. amma asks ishita won’t she pop out. ishita nods. amma takes her home. appa issues for amma and asks bala in which did amma pass. bala says i went to temple to do puja for vandu, i don’t have any idea.

Amma involves them. appa asks where were you, your telephone became not connecting, how is your fever. amma asks them to come back along. she takes them to ishita. appa asks why did you come right here, who referred to as you right here. amma says i called her here, all of us were wrong, i used to be kidnapped. appa and bala get bowled over. amma says ishita, mihika and ruhi saved my existence, raman did now not do vandu’s coincidence, raman is innocent. bala asks who did vandu’s coincidence. amma says niddhi, she did vandu’s coincidence and abducted me. bala asks why will you try this. amma says i can say, raman is harmless.

  • Mihika says its top truth got here out, niddhi have to die. adi applies ointment to her hand. he says niddhi is dangerous, she faked her dying and stayed as tisha in mani’s residence, you all took large chance. bala says i did not see such fallen girl. amma says niddhi driven shagun and ran away in raman’s vehicle. ishita says aaliya instructed me shagun went out with her buddies. she calls aaliya and asks approximately shagun, is she great. aaliya says sorry i forgot to say, shagun is satisfactory, she has community problem, i’m able to ask her to name you. ishita tells amma that shagun is satisfactory.

Adi says some thing could have came about. mihika says we had no time, thanks to ruhi, she has visible niddhi kidnapping amma. mr. bhalla calls her courageous. ruhi says thank you. adi says yes, sincerely, she should call anyone but now not me, i think she did not wish to tell me.

Bala stops ishita and apologizes for behaving badly. he says i additionally doubted on raman. ishita says whatever become occurring, each person would have doubted on him. bala says how will i face raman. she says raman is aware, he become involved that he changed into now not with you. he says you probably did no longer doubt on raman. she says i recognise him well, he’s impulsive, but he is a pleasing individual, his coronary heart could be very pleasant. he says i m so pleased with you that you supported raman and made us attain reality. she says i m concerned for raman, i am hoping he tells me what happened that night.

Ruhi asks adi now not to make it an difficulty, we had no time, might i let you know, i will’t provide an explanation for myself. he asks her to pay attention and stops her. bala and ishita listen them arguing and are available to see. ruhi says adi thinks i did no longer inform him purposely, we solved hassle well, why do you sense i can come jogging with hassle and you may do desire on me by means of solving it, i m not a helpless girl, i’m able to clear up my problem better than you. ishita says how are you going to say that to adi. adi says i was involved for you.

Ruhi says you worry for me so much that you make me take a seat at home, i’m able to not pay attention to you, if you are elder. ishita throws water on them and asks them to just close up. ruhi goes. ishita asks are you both mad to speak this manner, adi you must be proud of ruhi. adi says i m bored to death listening to this, all of us thinks she is proficient, throw me out of this house. he is going. bala says i’m able to communicate to adi. ishita says no, he’s misbehaving, don’t talk now, permit him relax, i will talk to them in morning.
Precap: adi says you made a comic story of yourself, you want to show you’re smart, you’re first-rate, you proved you’re the first-class. ruhi cries.



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