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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with roshni confronting adi for proving her a thief. adi asks what may want to i do, i did not wish to do this marriage, i love aaliya plenty, you have to depart from my life. she says even i did not wish to marry you, you just see your sorrow, no one requested me my desire for marriage, they were given me to mandap and made me sit for marriage, they did not discover approximately me after I left with you, after my dad’s dying, i have become burden on my mum, gagan instructed me to marry chandan, i agreed, then he requested me to marry you, they deal with girls like goats and cows, my voice did not attain anybody, i have visible you in khandpur, i noticed your work, i notion you’ll get me to city and deliver me recognize, i may be requested approximately my desire, you suspect my goals will prevent, no, i dreamt of a better existence, i desired to take a look at and store my sister, i desired to get out of that area, i got a desire that day, you furthermore mght suppressed my voice, you said you like aaliya, i did not say some thing, i were given this courage from your mum and aaliya.


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She says ishita were given me domestic and gave me love, she depended on me, aaliya told me that we are able to’t make men rule our lives, we’ve got identical rights, you’re such mum’s son, you haven’t any braveness to mention truth, i know you are afraid to lose your love, so i used to be quiet, you may marry that female, i m no longer interested to grow to be your wife, i will’t provide you with mangalsutra, i don’t want to go back to khandpur, if my circle of relatives is aware of this, they may take me lower back, i want to stay with admire, maybe that’s why lord made me meet your dad and mom, they’re excellent people, you may marry aaliya, but don’t inquire from me to go lower back, don’t seize new lifestyles’s desire from me. adi gets speechless.


Its morning, roshni goes to help mihika in kitchen. mihika asks her to taste the parathas. roshni says i’m able to make tea for mr. bhalla. ishita likes the jewelry. mrs. bhalla says earrings comes out simply on such marriage events. ishita says i wanted to gift this keychain to aaliya, however what’s going to she do of this. mrs. bhalla says this keychain will imply obligation is given to aaliya. ishita says i’m able to provide this quickly. mrs. bhalla says wait, aaliya is younger, allow her set on this residence first. ishita says no, we’re loose now, we are able to cross for morning stroll. amma jokes on mrs. bhalla. roshni comes and smiles listening to this. mrs. bhalla says i m now not antique. amma says adi’s bride is coming, she wants to behave like teen. ishita says she is teen from heart, its suitable, aaliya will learn from her. amma says ishu will constantly be a lady for me. roshni thinks here values and love is there, so maybe members of the family develop nicely, there had been simply values and no love in my home. she tells them breakfast is prepared. ishita thinks to speak to roshni, as adi behaved badly.


Roshni sees adi and receives tea. adi remembers her phrases. romi says don’t take anxiety, i can make her out of house. adi says no, there received’t be any problem, i will inform the entirety later. adi asks what’s cooked for breakfast. roshni says mihika made breakfast, i simply made tea. she serves tea. adi sits calm and drinks tea. ishita says i have to talk to adi. raman asks her to see. adi says tea is nice, ginger tea is my fav. ishita says he is talking to her well. raman says perhaps he realized his mistake. ishita says its sangeet these days. raman says deliver me breakfast, we have to dance practice. ruhi says we children have to win, you oldies can’t win. adi says correct. romi says you children can’t dance like us. mrs. bhalla says don’t fear, we don’t forget all moves. amma says i m prepared for project. adi says i m scared. ruhi says me too, we can lose. roshni thinks the bahu of this residence will be fortunate.


Shagun asks parlor girl to use good merchandise on aaliya, she is a bride. mani does sangeet preparations. shagun asks him to come back alongside, relax, everything could be pleasant. aaliya asks him to loosen up, and get face p.c. implemented. mani says i in no way did this, permit me pass. they make him take a seat. aaliya removes her earrings and sits for nail cutting.


Gagan tells his mum approximately adi. his mum says adi married roshni and has to preserve the wedding. roshni’s mum looks on. she says i heard you men are going delhi, how can you pass empty surpassed, give this to her. gagan says we are able to’t take shagun there. gagan’s mum asks him to take it. roshni’s mum says make me speak to roshni after reaching there. gagan and his men depart.


Raman attends a call and says we can attain soon. he asks ishita and each person to come back soon. ishita says my saree is simply pressed, i was making everybody ready. he asks when will you get prepared. ruhi comes to them. raman smiles seeing her. ruhi asks how am i looking. raman says very stunning. ishita compliments ruhi. she asks raman to look amma. she is going.


Last Part of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Romi asks what, roshni has no trouble along with your and aaliya’s marriage, what nonsense. adi says she wants to stay right here in delhi. romi asks him to give divorce to her. adi says how can i give divorce, all and sundry will understand about it. romi says you’re right. adi says if i did no longer supply divorce to roshni, how will i marry aaliya, roshni is my spouse legally, if ishita knows this then… romi says roshni understood you don’t love her, you got cheated, that marriage isn’t felony, you and aaliya love every different, once you two get married, i’m able to get your divorce achieved, in case you think about this, you may’t experience, none from khandpur can attain you, i’m able to see to that. adi asks what about ishita’s values, our notion can’t be right constantly, i don’t love roshni, however i married her, until my divorce takes place, i will’t hold aaliya satisfied, i can be worried. romi asks are you mad. adi says i think that is right. romi says i don’t assume so, its your decision, go away all this now, neglect this, its your sangeet, make your mood first-class.

Precap: Raman asks did aaliya now not include you. shagun says she went to salon to change her hairdo, she is on the way. gagan sees aaliya leaving in the vehicle and follows her. roshni says what to do, adi isn’t seeing me, how to inform him about the hassle, gagan won’t be quiet.


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