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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates.  Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.  Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode begins with reporters asking ishita about the occasion. everyone reward ruhi. ishita asks adi in which is ruhi. adi says she might be round, i can introduce my business companion, he is vaibhav. ishita congratulates vaibhav. ishita feels anxious. mihika asks why, everyone is going smooth, don’t worry. ishita says raman asked me to give speech from his side, how am i able to speak. mihika says you gave many speeches in dental conferences. ishita says i communicate approximately dental matters, what shall i say about commercial enterprise, if ruhi and adi get embarrassed with the aid of my speech. ishita gets raman’s message and smiles.

  • She says he has despatched me guidelines for speech. mihika says so candy, he is aware of to maintain you happy. ishita says i need everybody’s recognize to be kept. adi tells reporters that its crew paintings, and credit goes to each person. they ask adi how did he get a lot successful in young age. mani and aaliya come. mani praises adi. he says adi is my could be son in regulation, he is going to marry aaliya, he is focussed, confident and a young achiever. he says he is a first-rate businessman, after marriage i will say how precise son in law he is. adi smiles. ishita sees mani and says mani is here, shall i inform him approximately tisha. mihika says now not here, why to smash temper telling approximately niddhi. mani meets vaibhav. ishita seems for ruhi and asks mihika. mihika says she may be round, she could be seeing preparations, she went on you, she is perfectionist. ishita says its past due. mihika calls ruhi.
    ruhi beverages wine. she says adi cherished me a lot, he usually protected me. she thinks of adi. she says why did adi do that, he eliminated my name and did not think i will be hurt. she cries. she says i tolerated loads, i m by myself, i’m able to combat for my rights, members of the family are not anything in front of power and status, i want my rights, i don’t care if everyone feels awful, i m coming to take my rights, i will take my appreciation or the challenge i did.

Adi talks to a few children and tells about managing workplace whilst doing mba. aaliya sees adi taking photos with them. she receives jealous and goes to him. she asks am i able to talk to my fiance, you enjoy the celebration. she takes adi and asks why are you talking to your juniors this way. he says i was just assisting, they have been speaking selfies. she says you have been openly flirting. he says they were asking about my adventure, i will getting burning odor. he says you observed i m jealous, i desired you to realize we’re going to get married. he says nice, i’m able to flirt with my fiancee, i m just yours. she smiles and says you’re a liar. he kisses her palms. he says i m saying 100 % fact. she says nice, tell me why is my name now not in this card. he says i can write it now. he sees the cardboard and receives taken aback seeing ruhi’s call lacking. he says what did this occur, the printer is stupid, i gave him format, what did he do, he did not write ruhi’s call, what’s going to ruhi say, what shall i do, i’m able to just come.

The man asks ishita to come back on level and say a few words. ishita is going on level. she asks for ruhi and adi. vaibhav says i will name them. adi asks the man what nonsense is that this, ruhi’s name is not there. the man says i have placed ruhi’s call within the cards. adi says test this card, she will be able to sense bad, she labored difficult. the person indicates the cardboard and says ruhi’s call is there, check. adi asks why is it no longer right here. the man says my employee did mistake, he did now not positioned ruhi’s call in 3 cards, all playing cards have ruhi’s name. adi says my fiancee were given a card, if anybody else get different 2 cards. the person apologizes. adi sends him. he issues and says what shall i do now, if ruhi sees this card then…

Ishita says i m feeling anxious, i can’t deliver a higher speech than raman, i m here on his behalf, i don’t suppose every body can be more happier than him, he labored difficult to make this company, he would be pleased with his children, ruhi and adi are coping with so properly on their personal, they constantly make us sense proud, dad and mom develop with children, we are surely proud of them, we taught them honesty and integrity, cohesion is critical, ruhi and adi are progressing due to this, they observed each teaching, they’re like my and raman’s arms, one is proper hand and other is left hand. ruhi comes drunk and asks do you really assume so. all and sundry get stunned.

Ishita holds ruhi. ruhi goes on stage. she says ishi maa don’t lie, fact is right hand is higher than left hand. adi comes and concerns. ruhi says left hand follows right hand. ishita asks her to come. ruhi says wait. adi goes on stage. ruhi says if every person cuts left hand, its not a hassle, if each person cuts our proper hand, we can’t work, ishita is announcing i m ishita’s proper hand and adi is left hand, how are we able to be same, i m higher than adi. adi says you’re embarrassing ishi maa, come. ruhi asks will i embarrass her, i m proper hand of pihu industries. vaibhav stops reporter. ruhi says i m behind this product, its my hardwork. she asks them to on the mic. she creates a big scene. she says adi may be at the back of this, he can do anything, i m announcing reality, all this is my hardwork, now not yours. adi says its huge day for all of us, don’t damage it. she asks am i spoiling this, making a decision is that this our large day or simply yours, you need to get praised, you need credit score of the whole lot right, the first rate adi bhalla launched product, you did not put my call in invitation. all of them appearance on.


Precap: ruhi says adi simply desires to make a laugh of me. adi says i did now not do anything. ruhi says you’re jealous of me. ishita asks them to shut up, raman is calling, you both ought to now not speak. she attends raman’s call. she asks raman to return domestic.



Update Credit To: Aneeta

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