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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with ruhi announcing you probably did now not upload my name in invitation. ishita gets stunned. ruhi says everybody’s call changed into there, besides mine, i labored difficult, you bought jealous. adi says ruhi, you saw sample card, i spoke to printer, its mistake. she asks does mistake just takes place with me, how typically will you idiot me. ishita says please come home. adi says circle of relatives is getting ashamed, media is right here, come. ruhi says you ashamed each person, you don’t have business feel, if i write listing of his silly things, i’m able to hold writing, listing won’t recover from, he has no commercial enterprise sense, can be release product. ishita says please forestall it. ruhi asks why, you furthermore may know, your daughter have extra business feel than him, he can’t even fill a tender. all of us look on. ruhi says he can’t take any choice, will he do business, splendid, we are able to have many losses. ishita says i can slap you presently, adi take her. ruhi pushes adi and receives down the degree. ishita cries. reporter stops ruhi. adi says she won’t answer. ruhi asks why, you’ve got problem that they’re taking just my interview, you are jealous. adi says is there whatever left, forestall. ruhi says there may be a good deal left, everybody can’t digest reality, like adi’s blood has enterprise, no, adi is aware of i m 100 times better and feature extra business experience, why shall i not say then, adi does no longer recognize anything. adi asks her to return. she shouts on him. adi stops media. ruhi receives slapped through him. ishita takes ruhi. anybody depart. adi cries. aaliya takes him.

Its morning, ishita sits disappointed. mihika asks ishita now not to fear, ruhi and adi are immature. ishita says it was misbehavior, i never concept they could behave such way, making fun of each different this manner, i used to be pronouncing my children are such, turned into i residing in dreams, i did not assume, they ashamed the circle of relatives publicly, i did not count on this from ruhi, i really notion she is wise, she came inebriated, can she misbehave, we did now not give such values to them, if raman knows, what will he go through. mihika says we must correct this, we can communicate. ishita says they’re dozing, aaliya dropped adi, he changed into disenchanted, ruhi become no longer in senses, i needed to slap her. mihika says she has grown up, we have to deal properly.


They pay attention mr. bhalla on name. he says i don’t know any news, don’t hassle me. ishita asks what occurred. he says there’s no news, media simply says nonsense. ishita asks neelu approximately newspaper. neelu says i gave it to mr. bhalla in morning. ishita unearths the newspaper thrown out. she tests the news and gets taken aback. she reads siblings contention, adi slapped ruhi. she goes in the residence and asks adi to come out. mihika reads information.


Adi comes. ishita throws newspaper at him and asks him to study it. adi reads. she asks how dare you boost hand on ruhi. ruhi comes. adi says its a lie, i did not slap her this time. ishita asks did you slap her earlier than. he says yes, i slapped her, she spoke rudely with me, i did now not try this along with her, she turned into drunk, my hand hit her cheek by way of mistake. ruhi asks will adi take delivery of his mistake. ishita asks will you be given your mistake, tell me what you did remaining night, you were a great deal drunk. adi says i also need to recognise, why did she create scene in party. ruhi says yes, its my mistake, i had misplaced it, how can he get jealous. he says it became pattern card. he suggests card. ruhi says he’s lying.


Adi suggests ruhi’s name in card. he says simply three sample cards did not had her name, i tried explaining her, she did no longer pay attention. she says you just need to make amusing of me. they argue. ishita seems on. she gets raman’s name and says shut up, you both have to now not speak, raman is asking. she solutions and says sure you reached airport, pleasant come home. she ends call and says raman is coming. i can beat you both if you do any drama. adi and ruhi move. mr. bhalla says raman would understand this already. she says what shall i provide an explanation for raman.


Aaliya talks to adi and asks him to provide an explanation for ruhi, your intention became not incorrect. shagun comes home. mani gets satisfied. he says i might come to pick out you, come, how become your journey. aaliya gets water. he asks are you okay, you look worn-out. aaliya goes to get food. shagun says i m certainly tired. mani says i m so happy you’re returned, i overlooked you, there has been a brand new store, mom and child utilities, we are able to cross and get a few things, i used to be questioning to decorate infant’s room. shagun appears at him. aaliya gets juice. shagun says i can exchange first, i m actually worn-out, mani no want to take care of me a lot. she is going to room. he says why is shagun so much burdened. shagun goes to room and cries. she says mani is so excited for this child, how shall i inform him that child is no greater, i did now not pass for any trip, i went to get miscarriage complications treatment, mani has hope of happiness, it was snatched while niddhi got here here, how to tell him, no i will’t tell him something, i’m able to conceal this.


  • Amma reads paper and says what befell to adi and ruhi. she asks appa to speak to adi. bala says i instructed you, ruhi behaved badly at occasion so perhaps adi did this. amma says what occurred to ruhi, she came there under the influence of alcohol. bala says adi and ruhi are in comparison in office, so this came about, they’re sensible, i did not recognise they will behave such, how will ishu deal with this. appa says we must be with them. amma says sure, mrs. bhalla could be in tension. she is going to mrs. bhalla and sees her worried. amma pacifies her and asks her to take care of health. mrs. bhalla says i know ishita will manage, but raman is coming, he flows in feelings, i m worried raman and ishita will have anxiety because of children. amma says don’t think so.


Amma is going out. raman comes there and takes her advantages. he asks how are you all. amma says a way to apologize, how did i assume that, i did now not agree with ishu. he asks her not to express regret. ishita comes. raman and ishita see every other. amma cries. ishita asks what passed off. raman says no, she became lightening coronary heart together with her son, you came in among. amma says ishu by no means permit the trust destroy on raman. raman asks amma to relaxation. she is going. raman hugs ishita. he says we want to talk and is going inside the residence. she thinks did raman get to recognize about kids’s combat.

Precap: adi and ruhi lie to raman approximately event achievement. raman angrily slaps adi.



Update Credit To: Aditiya

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