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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with ishita listening to the men shouting on adi and aaliya. they trap up adi and aaliya. ishita tells raman about a few humans. raman says placed on speaker. the man scolds aaliya and adi. he asks what’s this clothes she is sporting, she is showing her body. adi asks him does he not have manners to speak. the person scolds him. adi says talk properly, you haven’t any right to point on us. the person goals gun and asks is she your wife. adi says when you have to invite, go out and communicate, that is my residence. the man hits him. aaliya shouts adi. the phone falls. ishita issues for adi and says name ended. raman calls lower back. ishita says what is going to we do now, we could tell mani. he says no, mani does now not recognise aaliya is there.


Full Details of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The man jagan says i m the head right here, i will not go away you. adi asks aaliya to call police. jagan says a person make them speak to inspector, police does not come here. adi shouts on the man. the man beats him. aaliya says depart him, why are you beating him. jagan says you’re staying without marriage and made watchman lie. he scolds them. adi hits his head to jagan and asks aaliya to run. aaliya runs. jagan beats up adi and takes him to panchayat.
romi waits for ruhi. ruhi comes wearing corporate clothes. romi smiles and remembers little ruhi. ruhi says sorry, i were given past due, we could pass. he says i m seeing you have grown up, you used to take me to get sweets, and these days for agreement. she says don’t be senti, i have to maintain raman’s reputation. he says i m happy to see you as enterprise woman, i m feeling so happy with you. she says i learnt all this from you. they pass for the presentation. romi sees ashok and his temper spoils. ruhi asks what took place. romi says ashok is right here, what’s he doing here, he’s going to create hassle for us. ruhi says loosen up, we will get undertaking, just introduce me to bakshi, i will manipulate. he says you don’t understand ashok, he is very clever man. she asks him now not to worry, come.


Mani says i know ishu can even like a simple south indian wedding ceremony. shagun says come on, we discussed, adi is the only one, it’ll be punjabi wedding ceremony, south indian wedding is so boring. he asks is it marriage or circus, its fine to marry in temple early morning. she says we can make list, approximately 5 nice matters approximately south indian and punjabi wedding, something sounds thrilling, we are able to pass by means of it. he consents.


Adi receives overwhelmed up badly. ishita shouts adi and cries. raman asks her to loosen up. raman says nothing will occur, aaliya is with him. she asks him to drive faster. romi introduces ruhi. ashok says great mr. bakshi, we are able to cancel meeting, i don’t assume any deal can crack here. romi says mr. bakshi did now not listen thought. ashok says raman isn’t always here. romi says ruhi will say. ruhi says sure, i can supply presentation. ashok says its not children education or a rock show, its a crores deal. she says precisely 27 crores, i recognize you purchased old and don’t consider things, i recognize the antique, i can take presentation slow, so that you apprehend properly. romi smiles.


Ruhi says i m a trained commercial enterprise girl, raman and romi have educated me nicely, if raman did no longer have faith on me, he could have now not sent me here. ashok says you talk nicely, your lecture jogs my memory approximately your mum ishita, excellent you are raman’s daughter, it does no longer mean we can come up with award, nepotism isn’t always invited. she argues with him and says its referred to as qualification, now not nepotism, worlds and instances have modified, one component did no longer trade, that’s your terrible mindset, you by no means reputable everyone, you still do not admire every person, you attempted to wreck raman’s popularity and always failed, i m raman’s daughter, i promise you’ll fail once more. i m right here because of my talent and talent. bakshi says she is right, we can pay attention the presentation, ruhi cross on. ashok sits. ruhi gives the presentation. romi smiles.


Everybody clap for ruhi. bakshi says you are truely raman’s daughter. ruhi says thanks, meaning a lot. ashok seems on. jagan complains to panchayat about adi and aaliya, don’t realize he is her husband or fiance, or maybe he eloped from home and were given her. the men get angry and ask sarpanch to punish them. adi says regulation punishes, you all can’t. jagan slaps him. sarpanch says elders make laws here, we are able to do justice, we will punish, what incorrect did jagan say, does ladies live this manner.


Jagan says they crossed limits, observe this girl’s garments, she changed into on my own with him. sarpanch says if we don’t punish you, even our village boys will do that. adi says pay attention to me, punish me, depart aaliya, she got here here to help me and set my house. jagan says she will be punished. he asks a person to get black coloration to blacken their faces. aaliya says no, we did now not do incorrect, he’s my fiance.


The man gets the coloration. jagan asks the person to blacken their faces. adi and aaliya cry. aaliya screams. adi asks sarpanch to prevent, i beg you, please pay attention to me, my dad and mom understand we’re staying right here, just let me call them here, ask them we informed them or not, its my obligation to save my spouse’s admire, give me one risk. jagan symptoms no. sarpanch has the same opinion. jagan gives the smartphone to adi.


Adi calls raman and asks him to get ishita to the panchayat, they are punishing me and aaliya, come soon. he says look ahead to some time, they’ll come in 2-three hours. jagan says why have to we wait. sarpanch says allow his dad and mom come.


Raman and ishita reach the village and ask humans approximately adi and aaliya. raman says my son got here to stay in guesthouse near old factory. the person says that metropolis man with woman, he were given crushed up, we can make that woman’s face black and make her roam inside the village. raman asks in which are they. they see police. the man says police is likewise going there. raman follows the police automobiles.


Last Part of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Inspector asks what’s happening right here, did you call police control room. adi recollects calling police instead raman. he says yes. inspector asks sarpanch to forgive them. raman and ishita come and hear them. sarpanch says we can’t go away them this manner. ishita says they’re going to get married, sorry to speak in among, adi is my son, they got here here by using our permission. raman says yes, they’ve suitable values. sarpanch frees them. raman asks shall we take them. sarpanch says we can allow them to go on one condition, this girl will not be visible on this village, this guy has to obey all policies. raman says adi will follow your rules. jagan says adi is not saying some thing. adi says i’m able to comply with all regulations and now not provide you with a chance to complain subsequent time. sarpanch says pleasant, cross. jagan says we won’t depart you next time, you cheated and called police. adi receives angry. ishita stops him.


Precap of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Raman says we gave right upbringing to our kids. ishita says name adi once, he’s bearing all this difficult time. ruhi worries and asks what passed off to adi. raman says adi is not in a secure vicinity.


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