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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The Episode starts with everyone dining and praising Aaliya. Ishita joins them and says I know, I got all info, will we not wait for Raman and Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla comes and says Raman will come later, he wants to get fit. Raman tells Bala that he slipped. Bala says it can be bone fracture, try to understand, we are not so young now. Raman says I did not get old, we are younger than dad, I just got hurt. Bala says you buy new shows. Raman says yes, shall I stay in your house for some time, Ishita will feel I got tired, I mean I got hurt. Bala says yes, I understand. He laughs.


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Ishita asks Adi what does he want. Adi says I was finding red chutney which you make. Ishita says I will make it, Aaliya did not know. Aaliya says I have made it. Ishita asks did you add cashew, I will make it.

Aaliya says sorry, I added daal, Adi taste and see. Adi says its very tasty, she made it better than Ishita. Mihika also likes it. Ishita smiles.

Ishita says Mihika never liked chana chutney, she also liked the chutney. Raman asks why are you arranging things again, don’t you have work, did your patients run away, you did not go clinic since long. She says Aaliya can help my help, if mummy needs help. Aaliya comes. Ishita asks do you want help. Aaliya says no, I got hot water bag for Raman. Raman thanks her. Ishita says I will go clinic, tell me if you need help. Raman jokes about Ishita. Ishita asks Aaliya does she know what to make. Aaliya says I know everything, I packed your tiffin too. Ishita says fine, I will go. Aaliya says go, I will manage. Raman says she managed everything. Ishita goes. Raman says come back okay. Raman says Ishita will call 40 times.

Ishita gets bored and calls Raman to talk. He says its 39th time, call one more time, I will win. She ends call and says he does not value my care. She asks receptionist to send pending cases, if anyone needs help. Mrs.Bhalla calls her and asks her to come home. Ishita asks what’s the work. Mrs. Bhalla says nothing, building ladies wants to meet Aaliya, we did not do her mu dikhai. Ishita says fine, I will come, we will make sweets and snacks. Mrs.Bhalla says no need, Mr. Bhalla will get everything, just come. Ishita says my work ended, I will come. Ishita says atleast there is bahu’s mu dikhai rasam.

Aaliya checks sarees. Adi calls her. He asks what are you doing in evening, cancel it, I have booked a table in five star hotel, be ready I will come to pick you, wear any hot dress. She says so sweet, but Dadi called building women for mu dikhai rasam. He says do anything, we will do rasam later, talk to Dadi. She says no, she ordered snacks too, she will feel bad. He says do anything. She says just come to pick me, I will be ready. He says I know you will manage.

Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma talk to neighbor women and laugh. Ishita says I m Cool saas, my bahu wears sarees all day, she is very good valued. Mihika gets Aaliya. Lady says she is pretty. The ladies give gifts and bless Aaliya. Lady praises Aaliya. Ishita asks Aaliya what’s the matter. Aaliya says mumma messaged me and called me home for passport related work, shall I go. Ishita asks her to go. Aaliya stumbles. The saree gets loose and they all see her jeans. Lady asks what’s this joke, she has worn jeans and wrapped saree, maybe she wants to go somewhere in hurry. Ishita says no, its nothing like that, she is comfortable in this, saree of jeans top, it does not mean she has no good values, she is a good daughter and bahu, she has worn saree and came here to please us, she respected us. Lady says I think she did not wish to sit here. Shagun comes and looks on. Mihika says I don’t think its a big deal. Ishita says its nothing like that.

Shagun asks why are you explaining them Ishita, my daughter does not need anyone’s approval, we don’t care what Aaliya wears, please keep your words to yours. Lady says did you call us to insult here, we have seen what we had to. Ladies leave. Aaliya cries and goes to her room. Adi calls her and asks her is she ready, he is coming to pick her. Shagun takes the phone and talks to him. He asks is everything fine, I m coming. Shagun says relax, Aaliya will come. She says why did Ishita keep function today. Mrs. Bhalla says why did Shagun argue with women, go and see what is Shagun teaching Aaliya. Aaliya asks Shagun to call Adi home, everything spoiled, why did you argue, Ishita was managing, its my fault.


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Shagun says its not your fault, go and get ready. I will not let your dinner date get ruined. Ishita hears them. She says you did not say about dinner date, even Adi did not say. Shagun says don’t blame her, she tried to manage both. She scolds Shagun. Amma looks on. Ishita asks Aaliya do you think same. Aaliya says no, sorry. Ishita says one function spoiled, I won’t let your dinner spoil. She goes. Aaliya says Amma sorry. Shagun says its okay, Ishita will understand, like you worry for Ishita, care for husband too, Ishita will calm down, go now Adi is waiting.


Precap: Ishita says Adi started hiding things, he is lying, what changed now, Aaliya also lied to me. Raman says Adi has grown up, he is a husband now, don’t interfere in their relation. Ishita says fine, I will not be around them, I will stay away, Aaliya can manage this entire house.


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