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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with naira stopping halfway. driver asks her do you need to pass that side or not. naira goes to temple and meets suwarna. she asks how are you all. they cry. naira says its genuine that i worried for you all, why are you silent, say some thing, communicate to me. suwarna asks what’s there to speak now. naira says please don’t say this, i will understand i did mistake, i did no longer say intentionally, i attempted to control, accept as true with me, i desired to make the whole lot best. suwarna receives up. naira holds her pallu and stops her. she says please speak to me. suwarna says i heard you, i’ve nothing to say, i wanted kartik and also you to live with us, i need to bear the end result, none gave me belief that everything may be first-rate, you already know dadi broke down, every person is a great deal disillusioned, youngsters are crying, a way to deal with manish, i simply want you to be glad, i don’t want anything, i’m able to try and manipulate the whole lot. naira apologizes. suwarna leaves. naira says this did no longer happen nicely.


Last Part of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naksh is at the way. manager tells him some hassle. naksh receives gayu’s name. she asks did you meet naira. naksh asks what did she inform you, i’ve visible kartik and naira at roadside, i requested them and that they said the whole lot is exceptional. gayu says kartik likes tea from small stalls, naira would be bored with low fat food, kartik could be ingesting kachoris. he says yes. she says perhaps they went there to have food. he says i m relieved speakme to you. she asks him not to fear.


Lav and kush search for money and does now not have any coins. lav says i know the residence, i heard the deal with. he asks the taxi driving force will he take them, our brother will give you money. the man concurs. he asks any other guy to come, the children look from wealthy own family, see their uniforms.


Kartik comes home. naira opens the door. he says i’ve seen this dream normally. he keeps his telephone. he holds naira and romances. khayal tera…..performs…… he lifts her in palms. his cellphone earrings. he does no longer attend. he hears exclusive ringtone and forestalls. he says its our house emergency line. he answers and asks is dadi first-class.


Surekha asks for naira. kartik says she is here. surekha asks naira wherein are my children. kartik and naira get bowled over. surekha asks wherein are lav and kush, they had been going to meet you, i heard them. naira says i don’t recognise. surekha says they went from college. naira says yes, we determined to satisfy after planning with kartik. akhilesh asks how may want to you try this, you have to have refused to them, how could you be careless. naira says i refused but… kartik says we will talk later, its imp to locate them, ask their pals. surekha cries.


Akhilesh says did all people kidnap my kids, in nowadays’s times, all that is not unusual. manish says we will find them. akhilesh asks did kashyap did this. manish says however he’s in prison. akhilesh says yes, his brother is outdoor. manish says i can call commissioner, come. suwarna consoles surekha. surekha says this occurred because of your naira, we relied on her, see what she did. naira and kartik try to find lav and kush. she says we determined to fulfill at mall. kartik says you wait right here, perhaps they could come right here. his motorcycle does now not begin at the beginning. he leaves. anyone strive finding lav and kush. naira calls kirti and asks about lav and kush. kirti says we did now not get to recognize, how did they go. naira says the whole thing could be pleasant, kartik went to find them.


Naira asks the shield to prevent the children here if they come, kartik and i’m able to come again soon. she leaves. kartik and akhilesh additionally try to locate them. mishti tells suwarna that lav and kush did no longer come here. suwarna says i notion they went there to have kachoris, tell me if they come there. mishti says exceptional.


Devyaani talks to suwarna and asks is lav and kush coming here with kartik and naira, is there any rasam, naira did no longer name after pagphere. suwarna says no, its no longer rasam, i needed to take youngsters outdoor, i will name later. she ends call. naira runs on street and asks human beings approximately lav and kush. she is available in front of a taxi. she sees a person else. motive force asks in which is your attention and choices her phone. he sees the image. she asks do them. he says i dropped them to temple half an hour back, did they no longer reach home. she says no. he says they did now not have money, they did not recognise address. she will pay him cash and runs. she calls kartik and says come quickly to temple, youngsters are there.


Last Part of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Lav and kush ask a person approximately kartik and naira, they live right here. the person says kartik is my friend, come i will drop you. naira asks protect to make youngsters sit down if they come, i were given to know they may be near. she sees lav and kush, and gets relieved. a procession passes. she receives taken aback seeing them gone. she seems for them.


Precap: The man ties the youngsters. kartik reaches temple. naira and kartik search for them. naira says my heart says they are around.


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