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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with dadi recalling aditya’s words. she asks suwarna to tell all and sundry about bidaai time. suwarna says however pandit said we can do it in morning. dadi says you have to recognize i don’t say whatever with out a motive, its suitable if few things get in control quickly. she goes. suwarna worries for naira. naira thinks of kirti’s phrases. kartik says i can’t hurt my own family, we were given married these days, shall i wreck my sister’s existence, kirti would have instructed me if there was whatever, we can cease this subject matter here itself. she wishes kartik could recognize its not proper for kirti and every body.

  • Kirti apologizes to aditya and asks him to give up this matter, they may be newly weds, they have got tension because of us, calm down, you can do something with me. he says you don’t understand what i’m able to do, your papa and we’ve merger, i can supply him crores heart assault, maintain mouth shut, else you may lose money, papa, and brother’s love. he goes. she says i used to be fearing this would show up, kartik and naira have anxiety due to me, bad naira is assisting me, i couldn’t do some thing, why am i so vulnerable. she cries.

Dadi hears aditya and manish speaking approximately the dream mission. manish says once merger takes place, see what we do. dadi says i will not let naira spoil my son’s desires. kartik and naira get seated. rajshri says its said, starvation and thirst is going on marriage day, however that is a rasam. baisa asks them to name dadi. surekha says dadi is busy. gayu says i feel they’re irritated with each other. naksh says i also feel there may be a few reality in naira’s words, else she would have no longer reacted so strongly, kirti and aditya have some hassle. gayu says kirti might have informed kartik atleast.

  • All and sundry ask kartik and naira to have meals in one plate. rajshri explains that this rasam will increase love, as they take every different’s obligation, this takes place in existence also, cover up errors for each different. mansi asks about the form of food. suwarna says like the kind of food, lifestyles gets many phases and situations. bhabhimaa says each enjoy has meaning, salt is a laugh. devyaani says sweet is love. ananya says chilli is nok jhok. mishti says don’t keep this of their plate. they all significance of all objects. akhilesh asks kartik and naira to begin. rajshri asks what passed off, did whatever take place.

Naksh says no, they may be in shock that they were given married, think about love kartik, have kachori with naira, the entirety could be pleasant. kartik and naira feed the kachori to every other and express regret in heart. rajshri asks them to enjoy the food. devyaani says there’s lots time for bidaai. suwarna says i m sorry, dadi stated we will take doli and leave in an hour. devyaani says but we have been informed about morning mahurat. suwarna says we additionally felt so, but dadi said so. mishti says this is very much less time. naira cries. she asks approximately naitik. everybody call out naitik and look for him.

  • Naitik sits by myself and sees naira’s snap shots. he cries and hugs the pics. naksh and all of us do no longer discover him. naira concerns and asks where is naitik. naitik says why are you leaving me and going princess, please don’t cross. the pix fly through air. naira asks wherein is papa, inform me. naksh says i don’t understand. gayu says he is not answering. the photograph fall there. naitik picks the photo and suggests them. they all look upwards. kartik asks naira to go. naira runs to naitik.

She sees him sitting unhappy and cries. she says papa…. naitik sees her. yeh rishta kya….performs…. she says you made me away earlier than bidaai, is that this simply your sorrow that you are sitting right here and crying, on whose shoulder will i hold head and cry, you got here right here so that none can proportion your sorrow, you did not do that right, you did no longer provide me a danger, don’t show love, if you cherished me, you would have now not come right here, you must have now not carried out by way of bidaai quickly, why did you make me away, why did you snatch my right.

  • Naitik says sorry princess. she says i’m able to leave you and move with out announcing bye. he says no, i will’t bear this, i can’t say how much hurt i m, i m no longer able to give an explanation for myself, i got here here alone, maybe i m selfish, my daughter should not get tears in my eyes, i will’t see this, so i came here. she cries and hugs him.
  • Rajshri says whatever coronary heart says, we need to do what’s proper. devyaani says sure, bidaai must be achieved. kartik says i will talk to dadi to put off bidaai time. vishwamber and bau ji refuse for this. kartik asks them to spend time with naira, i can wait outside. he holds naksh to pacify. naksh says i’m able to see if they need whatever. manish asks dadi why did you prepone bidaai, can they manipulate. dadi says i m doing so that not anything wrong occurs, we are able to reach our domestic soon, we ought to manage many things. kartik asks kirti did naira say genuine, if there’s anything…

Kirti says you forget this, could i not let you know if there has been anything, don’t be upset now. kartik says i did no longer realize marriage can be unhappy. she asks how. he says naira ran announcing papa papa… i have seen her crying before, however now not this manner, i noticed the ache which i’ve seen to your eyes, its difficult for a woman to go away own family and residence, shall i say jokes to cheer her up. she says you want to hold naira satisfied, you both apprehend every other, you each will manipulate the whole lot, even her family, i m so certain. he smiles.

Precap: Surekha says we have to leave in 15mins. Naitik and Naksh get Naira. Naira’s bidaai is done. Naira cries.

Update Credit to: Aresha

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