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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update.Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode starts with kartik falling in manish’s feet. suwarna and manish get tearful eyes. dadi asks kartik is he satisfactory. kartik receives away. manish says kartik gave this happiness to me unknowingly, i bless kartik receives all the world’s happiness, sorrow’s shadow does now not touch him. suwarna cries. naira comes for haldi rite. naitik blesses her. she sees akshara’s bangle. kartik says i will get haldi carried out, promise me i gained’t appearance yellow. dadi says we gained’t do this foolishness. surekha says its little haldi, and actual gold and silver powder with imported cream. kartik says i need to look terrific duper good-looking. dadi asks him to get haldi implemented first after which they ought to ship it to naira.

Kirti says aditya, you made geyser element an difficulty, when they are taking care folks. he says you fear for them, see what i do now. he leaves. kartik likes the decorations. dadi says will they do such decorations or not. surekha says anybody has their very own flavor, i did lavish decorations. dadi asks kartik to wait for some time. naira sees aditya and kirti. kirti asks aditya to attend. he says close up, you are giving me a good deal gyaan via coming here. she says i will bear if whatever happens in kartik’s marriage. he asks her to grow to be a part of it, while naira blamed me, you probably did not do whatever, you stood at nook and noticed the whole thing. kartik sees kirti.

Kirti holds aditya. he asks had been you pushing me. she says no, i saved you, i don’t need some thing to occur in my brother’s marriage. he asks is he imp than me and increases hand. she says you realize the solution, i simply have fear in my heart, there is no recognize, if any ladies gets overwhelmed up and is tortured, how will she love her husband. he says you are wife and stay as spouse, you have work, to keep me glad and hold mouth shut. she says if you are husband, it does now not suggest you do this.

He scolds her and asks her no longer to say all and sundry, else i will destroy your own family call. she says please don’t get my own family in among, let kartik’s marriage show up, then do what you need. he says in case you collapse from here, i can see how you dance in kartik’s marriage with broken leg, i can see how an awful lot kartik loves you, will he cancel marriage or no longer, wander off. he pushes her and goes. naira comes and holds kirti’s hand.

Kirti and naira cry and hug. naira asks how can you undergo this and why, i had doubt on aditya, i did now not suppose the problem will reach this factor, how can he try this, why did you not solution him, anger and annoyance is thought, what became this, and why, you gave him proper to cheat you, are you now not human, don’t you’ve got any admire or emotions, you may have patience, however i don’t have, i’m able to’t see this, come we’ve got to tell his reality to all and sundry. kirti says no naira. naira says we have to tell them what you are bearing, i will inform them in case you don’t. kirti says no.

Bhabhimaa asks wherein did naira pass. gayu says she went to make dupatta best. mishti says naira will come. naksh hears them. kartik asks did every body see kirti. aditya says she is internal, she wants to satisfy all her wishes. kartik says peculiar, why do i sense i saw her at garden facet, why will she be there. kirti says once I met you for the primary time, i told you are robust, i m not like that. Naira says you are robust, so you are bearing this, don’t be frightened of everyone, i m with you, kartik is with you, you agree with me and kartik. kirti says not anything will happen, everyone have to accept as true with me, you don’t understand aditya, he’s going to get loose and problem us.

Naira says we have to trade this. kirti says its not that i did not strive to mention, but dadi said its your remember, you manage, you realize kartik. naira says this depend can’t be hidden. kirti says i don’t want any extra issues in the marriage, i won’t tell all of us, kartik’s happiness is everything, please naira. naira cries and explains. kirti says please help me. naira refuses.

Kirti says let this marriage show up, i promise i can inform each person, else i can’t forgive myself. they flip and notice naksh. naksh asks what passed off, all properly. kirti says yes, all well, we got senti recalling our mothers. naksh says i know, naira come, bhabhimaa is asking. kirti says i will also pass, all people is anticipating haldi. naira is going.

Kirti involves kartik. he asks what had been you doing at lawn aspect. dadi says leave it, she has come now. she asks surekha to get haldi uptan. all people observe haldi to kartik. aditya applies haldi to kirti and holds her. kirti cries and says sufficient. absolutely everyone tease kartik. manish says my coronary heart were given happiness, now its your turn. suwarna goes and applies haldi to kartik, from at the back of. kartik with closed eyes, senses her and opens eyes to look. suwarna movements back. kartik laughs with all of us. manish says the day is unique nowadays.

Naira smiles and talks to rajshri. kartik sees naira coming. yeh rishta kya….performs……naira applies haldi to him. he says you end up stunning, i might be left as monkey. she says you are frog, how will you end up monkey. he says whatever can occur in this world, if we each can love each different. she says yes, and applies haldi to him by means of touching her cheeks. she says now our haldi were given finished. yeh rishta….plays….she smiles and leaves.

Akhilesh asks kartik where is he misplaced. kartik’s imagination ends. dadi asks surekha and suwarna to come back, and see what to offer to naira. dadi says kartik can’t go to naira’s haldi, its abshagun in case you each see each different earlier than varmala. kartik says this isn’t always truthful, you guys go there, you’ll have amusing, their features are very cool.

Precap: Dadi gets shocked seeing Naksh dancing with chunri on his head. Mansi cries and says I will get punished for Akshara’s murder, I killed her. Kartik gets shocked.

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