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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with naitik telling naira approximately her doll marriage, he have become baraati, caterer and different matters, but never became doll’s father, else he could have practiced for this. she says i felt all tales felt, as you in no way made me experience its testimonies. she asks him to inform a few tale today. he says i have simply one story of my princess. she says say that, we are able to relive all the moments. he hugs her and tells tale.

Naksh sees the watch and receives sad. rajshri asks him to listen to his coronary heart, spend time with naira, we recognise why you are strolling away, you acquire busy in work, we recognize. he says i m happy that naira goes, i m best, i have work. he is going. devyaani asks what befell to naksh. rajshri says same thing that happens to every brother at sister’s bidaai time.

  • Gayu cries. devyaani asks did you get harm. gayu refuses to p.c. naira’s bags. rajshri says don’t cry, we understand what you feel, you have to manipulate your self and her. baisa says yes, we can cry right here, but naira can be by myself there, think about her. naksh comes with present boxes. he receives sad. surekha comes and says sorry, you all would have hassle, but dadi requested you to return at the entrance in 15 mins, we can wait there. she is going. mishti says just 15 mins, we have to meet naira. bau ji says a person pass and contact them. naksh says i’m able to pass and leaves. devyaani says simply 15mins. bhabhimaa says now our woman turns into parayi. naira makes naitik rest in lap. naira cries. naksh comes there and cries. sone chudiya…..plays…………
    he holds naira and asks her to return. naira shows naitik and says no. naitik says come naira, i can’t overlook, all of us has right on you, they could be waiting, come. naksh and naitik deliver her palms. she holds their palms and is going with them. they cry.

Rajshri and everyone cry seeing naira. mishti hugs naira and asks her no longer to go, take care. naira says how will i take care, i’m able to pass over you all, how will i stay with out mishti, who will help me. mishti says we are able to communicate day by day, i’m able to provide you with thoughts, pass now. naira says don’t ask me to go. mishti says whom will i hug and sleep whilst i am getting scared at night. they cry.

Naira hugs gayu. naksh holds naitik. gayu says who could be with me, who will take my blanket. naira says who will supply me gyaan whilst i get irritated, who will communicate to me. gayu says i want i may want to forestall you, you got here again after so many prayers, think of all and sundry, they waited for you a lot. naksh cries. bau ji and vishwamber bless naira for a satisfied existence. vishwamber says we’re doing all of your bidaai from residence, no longer heart, you come to fulfill us anytime you need. baisa blesses naira and says maayka and sasural have distinction, you’ll go there as bahu, be careful there, you’re right, supply them some time to apprehend this. naira says i can attempt to hugs her.

Naira hugs bhabhimaa. bhabhimaa says your maayka and sasural are in equal city, however for girls, the space increases each day, maayka is unnoticed. naira says no, on every occasion you’re making halwa, i can get its essence and are available home. bhabhimaa hugs her and says you need to have location like akshara in that residence. devyaani hides her tears. naira is going to her and says you took me in fingers, you kept my call, you have got special vicinity in my existence. devyaani says sure, i’ve visible you in view that your beginning, you probably did no longer cry when you had been born, we have been scared, you had been not able to breath, you fought for yourself and your mum, now times changed, you’re the identical, you by no means lose, you are very courageous, whoever try and fail you, don’t lose, person who made dying lose can’t lose to lifestyles. she hugs naira. karishma and ananya hug naira and bless her. naira sees rajshri and is going to her. rajshri says akshara, ananya or naira, i get harm equally, why are you so lovely.

Naira says you told me, every time i fall susceptible, you will become my strength. she reminds akshara’s phrases. she says you said you will fill akshara’s region in my lifestyles, we all need you loads, you purchased massive obligations, you have to educate me, your kachoris have to now not forestall. rajshri hugs her and cries. naira sees akshara’s p.c and cries. she hugs the %. she says you realize mumma, understood you much after you left, i will recognize you greater with this new section, send me benefits. mishti says just five mins left for bidaai. aa hi ghadi….plays….. naira cries.

Precap: naira’s bidaai is proven. naira sits in the doli and cries. naitik and naksh, along side others elevate the doli on shoulders and take her.

Update Credit To: Aneeta

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