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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode starts offevolved with each person singing gori ke haathon mein….. every body dance. naira smiles. naksh and gayu dance as a couple. naksh acts like a woman. naksh receives naitik for dance. naitik sees naira dancing and says i’m able to’t dance, my daughter is leaving me, i m trying to bear this but i’m able to’t have a good time, if akshara changed into right here, we would were every different’s support. naira says i’m able to pass over you all, you all elders make this rasam to make daughters’ depart home. bhabhimaa says in order that they make a person else’s house a heaven with love. devyaani says like akshara joined households with love, you have to do same, as soon as hearts join, it may in no way escape.

Naksh asks naitik to come back and maintain dance. naira says go away it. she cries and is going. naitik dances holding dupatta and covers naira with the dupatta. they all dance. naksh wears the dupatta over head and dances. all of them experience. kartik comes there and smiles seeing them. he symptoms naira. naira and kartik dance and feature a romantic moment. naira’s imagination gets over. dadi, kirti, suwarna, surekha and kids come there. they see singhanias dancing. gayu stops dancing seeing dadi. gayu signs and symptoms naksh to see them. naksh keeps dancing. all people stop dancing, and naksh dances alone. he does naagin dance. the dupatta receives off his face. naksh sees dadi and forestalls. lav and kush chortle. dadi also laughs. all of them get relieved.

Bhabhimaa says come we are able to begin haldi. suwarna offers haldi. surekha says you all did a whole lot decorations. naitik says naksh wishes the great for naira and did all this. dadi asks them to apply haldi to naira. all of them see stupid haldi. dadi asks what passed off, it has many stuff, haldi is only for shagun, it has imported herbal cream, gold and silver powder, chandan. bhabhimaa says we simply use haldi. dadi and baisa argue.

Baisa asks dadi to take this back, just haldi may be implemented. naira says wait, if households can unite for marriage, why can’t haldi and cream get mixed. she mixes haldi and cream, and asks them to say in which is haldi and in which is cream, we could start now. she applies haldi to her face. bhabhimaa says wait, why are we here, we will observe. dadi says we will go away. naira asks dadi to use her haldi dadi smiles. all people follow haldi to naira. maari lado….plays……..

Suwarna, dadi and others additionally observe haldi to naira. mansi sees akshara’s p.c. naira gets kartik’s message, that one extra rasam is over, now marriage is just too close. she replies that she is keen to meet her groom. akhilesh asks what came about kartik. kartik says they made me yellow. akhilesh laughs and asks him to take tub, i can send garments. he goes. kartik says get me married quickly.

Naitik asks what, how did he run from prison, my wife’s assassin had fled, why did you not seize him until now. mansi hears him and runs. naitik sees naira and naksh. they ask what befell. mansi runs to akhilesh’s room and cries. a person holds her. she says i can go jail papa, we can get stuck, i advised you to inform all and sundry, why did you refuse. what is going to anybody consider me and also you, and kartik….. he’ll feel so terrible, he trusts you and what did you do papa, nothing can be stored now, naira can be too disenchanted. its kartik….. he looks on involved.

She says i’m able to go jail, i might be punished for akshara’s murder. kartik receives taken aback. mansi says i’ve killed her. kartik cries. mansi says her coincidence occurred with the aid of my vehicle by mistake, however i killed her. she cries and asks what will we do now papa. she turns and sees kartik. she gets greatly surprised. kartik receives irritated and cries. he leaves.

Naira asks what. naitik says yes, inspector referred to as me. she says how can they permit my mumma’s murderer pass, i m getting angry, we are able to now not leave that guy, we can seize him like ultimate time and punish him. she goes. kartik thinks of akhilesh and mansi’s phrases. naira thinks of akshara. naira and kartik walk crying and see each other.

Precap: Kartik says you did this to save Mansi, I will tell entire truth to Naira. Akhilesh slaps him and says stop…. Kartik runs.

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